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screams of lust we cry

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Once More, A HaircutXD
Done myself :]
oh And dyed brown++blonde

Well Now, The Names Nina
You're Dying To Know Me
I Like A Few Sports, Like Vollyball
I'm in A Band Called "Scream Of The Guilty"
It's Pretty HXC..Hopefully You Know What that means.
I'm Pretty Much A Weirdo But Atleast My Friends Are Never Bored, I Keep People Smiling I Can Make Anyone Laugh..Even Aaron haha Who apparently Has "no Emotion"
But We Lovers him<3
I probably listen to bands you didn't even know exists But i can assure you. they're good bands<3
I Like To Mosh, And Have Gotten Hurt Doing So.
But Hey Shit Happens When We Party Naked
I Love Music, It's Not My Life, But A Huge part Of It.
I Love My Friends Even Though I have Very Little Of Them 
But I Love Them ALL With Everything I am 
I'm Still Looking For "Mr.Right" , Because Apparently We All Find One.
I'm Interested In Boys, And girls.
I Love Food. I Could Never Be Anorexic, But I am Bulimic Because I Think I'm A Cow.
Don't Question Me
You Don't Lose My Respect, You Start out With Some And Slowly Earn It.
No I'm Not A Bitch, I'm Just Honest.

I Don't Care What You Say To Me:)
"beut ef ou tlk liek dis, yewr nt wrof mi tyme!!!"
I'm Not Going To Try and Understand You.
Please Use SOME Grammar, I mean It's The internet.
I'm not expecting anything perfect.
Atleast put some effort though.

Well I'm Not On here Much
You Can Find Me Anywhere Really

[Nexopia -SilenceXScreams]
[Elftown-Screams of lust we cry]
[Vampire Freaks-EmoXSex]

Or My Msn Just Ask XD

Some Of The Poems I Have Written, Enjoy XD

Breaking Down.
Your words of lies they break me down, they mix me up and the give me a reason to
If Breaking me down is the only thing that you want then keep up the lies and the
These bloody hands on the ends or your arms have been around my neck as you see me
lying there dead on the ground.
You try to help me, try to put life back into my still body but sadly you know that
this is all your fault and that
i will never return.
Standing,crying,dying on the inside you don't know what to do. You try to run i'm
in your head you try to forget what you did but it haunts you.
It brings you back to my home Where i'm lying on the ground my blood leaking from
the hole in my throat. You cry some more you try to help but all you can do is keep wishing
but the wish doesn't happen.
You go to my kitchen and grab my dads gun, Cock it And put it to your head and
scream "I'm sorry, I love you"
and pull the trigger.
They come home to find us together our blood has leaked into one big mess.
Tears in our eyes ,Our motionless bodies they see a note and read it.
"She was my love my hope and my joy but sadly we thought it was just a toy, She shot me
I shot her now we're together forever."

The bury us together under the tree where we first kissed the children
were sad they cried and they hissed.
Together forever they loved us all. Now We can be happy knowing it all.

Nina lamondie

Stop breathing loud yelling at this empty crowd
Creatin' Somthing you can't protect they told you to watch
while you were on your erect
Yelling at eachother from this now new mother
tring to figure out what that hell is with all this doubt
Creatin' somthing that you can't cope with
Acting really tough until this shit turns rough
Saying what you want Just to get inside her twat
Stupid Shits like you with no clue what to do
Now that your life is done no more time for childish fun
Standing at the gates of hell with a true story to tell
No One knows what to do
All this ends with 2 strong hands

Nina Lamondie

Those Are Only A Few, As Soon As I Get The Rest On My Computer I Shall Put Them On
Once Again
Enjoy XD

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