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Name: Liz C.


Let's party.

Member Type: Writer

The "Why"
- Sometimes, writing is the only way for me to release pent up anxiety.I don't tend to tell people about my problems. Not because I'm anti-social or distrusting; I'm just a very stubborn person.
So, essentially, I write to keep the crazy away.

- Non fiction is my weapon of choice, but I sometimes attempt fiction in the form of short stories. And if I'm trapped in some drug-induced fantasy, I might be inclined to churn out a poem or two.

Writer's Block
I'm no good at describing myself, but here i'goes anyway: I'm a student studying nothing in particular. I occasionally waste my time practicing fencing and stand-up comedy, and hope to one day be overeducated and unemployable.

I enjoy getting messages, so don't hesitate to send me one!

Age: 19Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 29

Place of living: Ohio

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