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Name: Maria

Photo missing.

Member Type: Writer

I stumbled onto this web site looking for information. How can I publish my written work? I attended college 20 years prior and received my diploma in Journalism and Short Story Writing. I have books with information regarding agents, publishers and yet I choose to go web surfing, its addictive.
When I finished the Journalism course I choose not to pursue full time writing avenues as I was raising two children and my 9-5 work day provided the security of a weekly paycheck. I did write for churches, schools and newspaper, as well as providing my writing services privately. I did not charge any money nor take it when offered. I was just glad to make use of my passion for the written word. I have self-published poetry. How naive of me to believe that there was no ability to make a living in writing. Nevertheless, that was then and I can't beat myself up for it, as at that time I could also not expect my children to live like a starving artist if my writing did not get published, after all it was and still is a very competitive business. Although my kids are in university now and they still live with me and are semi-dependant financially I an at a cross roads in my life and wish to succeed in another passionate area of my life.
I want to write about living, really living, life experiences, the ups and downs, succeeding after failure, dying, death, suicides, murder, accidents, sexual behaviours, abuse, love, forgiveness, hate, spiritual evolution,etc.

Age: 50Year of birth: 1959Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 17

Gender: female

Working/study place: Nursing

Place of living: Saskatchewan

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