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Slytherin Seeker

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Name: Maximus T.

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I'm Maximus, W.Z. Turrner or what ever works for you to call me. I've been called a lot of weird things like Waxy, Draco (cause my user name), Wolfey, and such.
I love Harry Potter if you haven't noticed.... lol As you can tell my favorite house is Slytherin.
I love to RPG, I might go crazy with out it. And I'll do almost anything when it comes to RPGing, de-age, mpreg ect. So it gets weird but hey it's RPGing so what it's fake should get as weird as FanFiction.
I love to travel and love languages, it's what I want to do with my life.
Feel free to message me, I'm always open to meeting someone new. ^^

I'm not good at poetry so tell me what you think.

I'm just Me.
I am shy, and quiet,
But yet bold, and loud.
I get good grades, but I’m not that bright,
In truth my mind is always in my dream cloud.

I love to read, in almost an unhealthy way,
Always a story about magic, in a world beyond ours.
Music is my life, always making me sway,
As I sit outside watching the stars.

I’m someone you won’t meet everyday
But mostly above everything else I’m just me.

~By: [Slytherin Snitch Seeker]

I like to fly, way up high.
With all my friends, and family.
Where we’re all equal and alike.
There’s no Punks,
Where not all pushed in herds,
For how we look,
And what we listen to.
Way up in the sky,
Where all the same,
No one’s pushed to be different than who we are.
But back on earth,
We have to fight to be seen.
Fight to be herd,
Fight to be ‘in’.
We lose our selves,
Forget who we are.
Are shaped, moulded, and beaten,
Becoming a clone;
And forever hiding in a crowd.

By: [Slytherin Snitch Seeker]

Where else to find me!


Age: 16Year of birth: 1994Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 10

Gender: male

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