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This site will now be accessible from

As [Font] has changed so that points to another site, all the links to your writings and other stuff here are now broken. You can thank him for that if you want.

If anyone of you in charge want to keep using the site, it's OK with me. It isn't going to go away, but I'll not invest any time in it.


Date: 2009-07-01 10:31:45
News #: 24
Reporter: Hedda


Hosting has been purchased.
Domain will be transfered within a few days.

Looking into a new community format (Probably Joomla) - it may take a further few days to get it set up and organised. I can only stress at this point how important it is to save or delete any work you have on WritersCo. 

We will need volunteers to help out on the new site - so again please be thinking about what we need and what we can do.

Date: 2009-06-28 08:18:38
News #: 23
Reporter: Font

Read This, I Mean It

A message from our Boss:

It was once discussed many years ago about moving WritersCo to a more 'user-friendly' environment, however we cast it aside hoping that things would get better on WritersCo. I have been thinking is it the volunteers, the members or WritersCo itself that restrict possibilities. I was silly to think the first two, and tried aimlessly to make things better focusing ideas on those areas. BUT, now I realise, you can't have a sound community unless you have a sound, easily managed and understood community. If I was a new member I would expect to find communication with others much more simple, than compared to Heddate Communication Hell (Although there is a book in there somewhere - Dummies and Smarties guide to using the Heddate Forum System, and liking it)

Other reasons to move -
WritersCo costs a minimal amount of about £20, which I have paid each year since the launch of WC and introduction of the shout-box to run.
yet any ad revenue goes to Hedda to support WC and ther other Hate-it communities. This money should go to us!

I suggest we move!

In fact, I think we should move to encourage new members joining and to give US greater control over OUR community.

However I know we have all put a lot of work ito WritersCo - so we all need to sort out what we want to keep, save things that we don't have anywhere else - delete things we don't want to leave behind etc.

Once everyone has had time to act on this, WC will come down, in its place will be a page holder for the community, but the shoutbox will be there, so we can all communicate.

Any questions email me.

I'm going to go into some details and a way of organizing our ideas on The Movement. Please do not let this vital request pass by. This is our site, let's get it up and running people!

Viva la movement - [Ash]

Date: 2009-06-23 22:30:19
News #: 22
Reporter: Ash

The Revival Has Begun!

With much happiness I present to you the Writersco Ezine. Now, the wiki's are badly out of shape and will be fixed up soon, but that doesn't mean the E-zine's not finished and out two days early!

Click here to grab your June/July issue of your Writersco E-zine completely free: <URL:stuff/G%3aNotesJunejuly09.pdf>

Date: 2009-06-19 21:42:12
News #: 21
Reporter: Ash
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