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Name: Jenn
Username: ~*Lonely Wanderer*~
Location: USA
Occupation: High School
Writer/Reader/Agent/Role Player: Writer and Reader
Sign: Gemini

Tell us about yourself:
I am a member of the Marching and concert band at my high school. I love to draw, play music, read and write lyrics, poems, and stories. I live in a little place on a big farm that has been called home to me for my full 17 years of life. I was born in North Carolina, USA but then I moved back to my current home. I have several pets, including a horse and fish, and they all take care of me as I take care of them.

What's your favorite Music?
Favorite music to me is like trying to chase and catch the wind. It changes daily and it will never stay the same. My all time favorite would have to be some of Nickleback's songs such as "How you remind me".

Who are your favorite authors and literary works?
My favorite author is Marguret Henry, and forgive me for butchering the name, but the author has been my favorite since grade school. The author wrote a book called "King of the Wind" about a specific breed of horse and I love horses and have always loved that book. It has been my inspiration to read and write ever since I saw it and picked it up to read.

Any other favorites?
My favorite food is a London Broil steak! My favorite colors are black, red, and blue. My favorite day of the week is Thursday because I get to go home after school! My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate or Chocolate chip cookie dough. My favorite animal is either the dog or the horse.

Tell us about your writings:
Oh gosh! My first writing that I can remember was when I was about ten years old and it was fiction of course. I would not like to say what it was about, because of the fact that I was so very young and it's slightly embarrassing, but I did write a story when I was ten or so and I remember it because I saved it to a floppy disk! My favorite genre of writing is fiction and my favorite piece that I wrote would be "The Other Side" along with the poem that goes to that story. It's one of my completed pieces and it expresses a true love situation.

Which of your writings would you recommend to a fellow member?
I would recommend my piece entitled "The Other Side" because it's true underlying colors shows that it is a romance story and about true love. There is also a poem that is linked too it called "Her tenth diary" that goes with the story as well.

Is there anything that helps you write?
Music helps me because I am a musician at heart. So there is my only tip that I can give out to others.

Do you have any tips for members?
Let inspiration hit you, don't force it or the writing won't be what you are expecting.

Would you like to promote anything? and are both my websites!

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