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Basket ball has something, why can't we?

March Mad-Dash Challenge!

Open up to day 19! HALF WAY THERE! :) MMC-Calendar


March Mad-Dash Challenge! - MMC-Log - MMC-Diaries - MMC-Calendar


In America, March is for basket ball fans. March Madness is the big basket ball tournament, but why should it just be for basket ball? I present you with March Mad-Dash Challenge! Over this 31 days you will have to post a specific thing each day with a certain requirement. Feel free to work ahead! This competition is to encourage posting writings to Writersco, and I encourage everyone to participate as I will be!


Rules of the Dash!

1. Be on time! You may post within one day of the due date, i.e., if a post is due the 17th, you may post it the 16th, 17th, or 18th.
2. To complete a post to you must post it on the MMC-Log page. You will need to provide a link and the date you posted the item under the appropriate date.
3. Keep it clean! Must be suitable for 13+!
4. Follow the theme. Not all themes will be easy, but follow it and you'll be doing great!
5. A MMC area. To help you keep organized, please make a MMC area in your writings: would be my entry.



01. [Annie] Have to join my forum to see my entries: <joinforum:32:join> (Annie's Writings Access)
02. [Ash]
03. [Akayume] Why the hell not? (:
04. [Sabrina Catherine] I miss bring at writersco

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2011-01-21 [Annie]: I love this! No guarantee I'll keep up, but I want in on the fun!

2011-01-22 [Ash]: Yea!... Oh, I forgot to put my name...

2011-02-20 [Annie]: You should totally advertise this on the front page before March comes. :)

2011-02-21 [Ash]: True... I'll try to get something up today. :) Thanks for the reminder.

2011-03-01 [Akayume]: Pourquoi pas as the French say. (:

2011-03-01 [Ash]: Akayume, welcome to the mad-dash! :)

2011-03-01 [Ash]: DAYS 9 & 10 NOW OPEN! Work ahead! :D

2011-03-02 [Akayume]: Thank you. :D

I will have to work on something tonight. o_____O

2011-03-02 [Ash]: Yep, just make the date, doesn't have to be perfect but I would prefer it not be the word peanut two hundred times in a row.

2011-03-02 [Annie]: Lol

2011-03-03 [Akayume]: So, did I hear you say you wanted the word peanut two hundred times in a row? :3

2011-03-04 [Ash]: NO AKAYMUE! Bad author! :D

GOOD JOB! The average monthly writings (11-13) has been far surpassed! We are already at 23! Keep it up!

Why don't we get some other things surpassed as well? The forum has a new forum! Click List Forums and join March Mad-Dash Chat! Chat about anything!

2011-03-04 [Annie]: Oo I want to join...but I don't see it listed when I list forums.

2011-03-04 [Ash]: :( Sad face... Let me see if I can find the invite thingy on it.

2011-03-04 [Ash]: I added you. :) Akayume, do you want added?

2011-03-05 [Annie]: Thanks ^_^

2011-03-05 [Akayume]: Sure. :D

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