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The White Tower of Lur

In the beginning there was just darkness. Not a star, planet, galaxy or swirl insight, just sheer darkness until the four Gods of Lur came upon this shadow and tore a hole in the darkness to reveal the great light. Adana the eldest of the four Gods of Lur, smiled at the light that shone so brightly and took the darkness that was torn away and moulded it into a ball shape. This was the first stage of how Lur was created. The second eldest brother Kemay, looked to the ball with sad eyes and his first tear became the waters of Lur. The third brother Gamja thought Kemay was immature and should grow up and with one strike with his finger the lands of Lur came to be, with many hidden beauties in its midst. The youngest of the four Tosh, the baby, the daydreamer, just looked at the world his brothers had created and wondered what he could add to it, he was nothing more than a daydreamer and artist, so he sat there and gazed for a week and a day till an idea struck him of what was missing, life forms other than plants, so Tosh created the people of Lur and the creatures of Lur.

Unbeknown to the Gods of Lur, Adana, Kemay, Gamja and Tosh, the place they had created this new world in had its own plans. With great good there is always a great evil close behind and thus the feared Mordra was born. He spread his evil throughout Lur creating havoc where ever he went, until the four brothers bestowed upon four people of Lur a part of their godly powers and made them the guardians of Lur. They were charged with the imprisonment of Mordra and to keep him imprisoned for eternity. In the centre of Lur, the four gods created a marvelous white tower of which Mordra was to be imprisoned in, under the very depths of its splender forever whilst the guardians lived there to keep him binded.

The guardians of the white tower were able to bind Mordra one stormy Lurian night into his dark prison. But something was odd about him as if he expected this to happen and he looked to the guardians and the gods who were together and his last words before imprisonment were, "My seed has been planted, my legacy will continue and I will return to this land and it shall see an evil so great it will never recover." That was the last words of Mordra for over ten thousand years.

The lands of Lur calmed and rulers for the four corners were choosen to govern its people. The lands were prosperous and joyous in everyday, no war, just sheer peace, a utopia for all. But it was not meant to last as now from beneath the white tower Mordra stirs again and his evil is beginning to seep from beneath the seat of the white itself.



TWTOL: Rules

As the title suggests it is a rule page, I do have a strict set of rules that I would like people to abide by since I prefer not having people argue or get a bit above themselves. So please if you do feel like joining this roleplay after reading the rules, then remember to follow them whilst roleplaying.

TWTOL: Character Creation/Characters

This is the secondary page that is of great importance. On this page, you will find character sheets for various characters but also characters that have been made and accepted.

TWTOL: Roleplay

The final and best page of all, once you have been through all the bore this is where the excitement will take place. So have fun.



If you have any problems with this roleplay with members and such or anything else then please do contact me.


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