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Roleplay: None so Far

Name: Windige

Age: Unknown, spent several years with a human where she grew from the size of a dog
to her full grown length of 27 feet, so estimated to be about six or seven

Sex: Female

Species: Himmel

Species Description: Their bodies are comprised of three different sections, each about nine feet long, plus a foot to the main body and minus one to the tail. Himmels are not all the same proportionally, but this is the basic body proportions. Starting at their heads, they have cat-like noses, normally pink in color with two whisker marks on either side. They are born with four blueish-hued gray markings under their eyes, that continue up and over their eyes, seperating the eye from the eyebrow. Every Himmel's eyes are the same color as their mane's and eye brows and inner ear. The outside is always some type of blue color, let it be light or dark, with a slight mix of green. A Himmel's ears are large, appearing like a doberman's ears after they have been cropped, however, a Himmel's ears are naturally formed in this shape. They connect at the top of the skulls, continuing down to their cheeks, where a a fringe of fur frames the rest of their face. A mane starts where the ears connect, continuing down the long sinewy neck to their shoulders. The neck and body are similiarly colored with the belly akin to the same color as their eyes as well, where their backs can range from black to yellow to brown. The all have in common a silver-gray monotone stripe along their backs where it dissapates to become the tail. It is rumored that all Himmel's have different tails, pertaining to their personalities.

Description: Windige is a bright Himmel with jade eyes, mane, neck and belly. Her back is a deep brown, fading to a lighter brown near the green. The umber extends to the arms and legs, where instead of the sage there is a maya blue stripe along the back. The back of her ears are a deep blue, very similiar to the blue of her limbs. Her claws are pink, just like her nose. There is a concave dent behind her rump and behind her clocoa (vent), where the thinnest part of her body is, and also where her tail starts. Although it has been a year since she was with Ramsies, she still wears the saddle, which she -can- take off/put on.
              Tail: Leopard Gecko, meaning that she grows more confident and calm with age however unlike the gecko, she does not possess the muscles at the base of the tail that can sever it if frightened. On another note, her colors are more bright then a normal Leopard Gecko's tail, and consist of more red and yellow markings then regularly seen.

Personality: Quiet, tranquil and intelligent. She prefers to be soft spoken and avoids others as well as she can. Once you gain her trust, she becomes an invaluable ally, loyal and protective. This Himmel is also extremely stubborn.

History: Windige has grown up without her family and species, and due to that she has a mixed emotions when it comes to things. Human soldiers captured her when she was young, used as a "guard-dog" for their outpost. One day a young man joined their ranks. He had descended from humans that had once worked with the Himmels to keep the lands safe. As they began to die out, the human tribe left for higher ground to escape from the Lavabeests. Ramsies recognized what Windige was, gained her trust and set her free. Eventually, as she grew, they became partners and the best scouting pair in the ranks. The years passed, and eventually the Lavabeest's spawn spread. In an all out attack, all the humans were killed, including Ramsies. Windige set out for vengeance and avenged him. Not long after that the Gods deemed her worthy to become an elemental, a holy being of their choosing to represent them. Air is a part of her, and she a part of it.

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