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what thoe have you done to me
inside and out i thought art thou
loved me but it was only lust that
came into flames of hells fire and
heavens light with only a singel
heart beat left i am in tears bleeding
black blood and till the day comes
i am still dead in love with you
and all of your lust.

i saw what you did in your
life but why forget the good
times in life and go through
the bad ones it will always be
strange to me to see you like this
till the day turns to night
i will always be by your side.

why must i suffer for what i did not
do why does every one have a hang
over me when all i do is school in
and out of love basking in the wind
sadness is tearing me up inside right now
as my mind is in the wind i can not think
of any one other then you.

how i feel does not matter
how i love is nothing to you
how many times i have been hurt
how many guys want me for them
selves how much does it cost for
your love how could this happen to
me now i thought so hard and thought
i can not stop thinking of how i did
you wrong as wrong can go.

i can not take the pain
no more i love you very much
i can not ever tell you because
you are taken and so am i i know
you will be happy with her and i
will stay with the one i am not happy with.

darkness falls all
around me giving me a
safe feeling as i walk
around in the darkness
as a gurl yet a vampire
as well darkness is all
i can think about and
all that i can feel.

Pain And Suffering Is All
That I Can Fell Now My Mind's
A Drama Station My Hearts Blown
Up Into Infinity Piecis My Soul
Is Empty My Life Is Gone With The
Wind As I Cut My Left Arm One
Hundred And Twenty One Times
Their Are No Scars Left Behind
As My Life Less Body Sails Across
The Blood Ocean Of Many Souls Of
Forgtton Love And Lost Hope For
Loved Ones To Return To Them All I
Have Left Now Is Pain And Suffering.

On halloween night,
Vampires, goblins and zombies delight.
They feast on your flesh,
Drink all your blood,
They even eat your brains,
And listen to you suffer,
And scream in pain,
As you can not escape,
And no one can hear you,
Because no one is around to save you,
So now your history and gone for good,
On this cold and gloomy halloween night.

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