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Written about Thursday 2005-11-10
Written: (6117 days ago)

Well. Today was... ordinary.
I woke up early, I studied history... for virtually the whole day. I'm going to return to my desk soon to study Afrikaans. :(

I thought of calling Ragni to ask her where the temple was, but a realisation came over me that I should be studying, not hunting down Hindu temples. I feel like, for some reason, if i don't call her tomorrow, i never will. I feel very confused. But every time i think of calling her, it makes me feel warm inside, so i think i'll hold the thought. Maybe I'll call her tomorrow.
Yes, i've definitely lost my mind.

I haven't written a word today, but I am busy reading - yes, i've started reading again, so proud of myself! I'm busy reading "River Gods". Rather creepy but intriguing story. Mcdonald really should have explained some of his futuristic terms a bit more though. A bit confusing. The present-tense actually works, interestingly enough. A bit unsettling, which adds to the effect. Hmm... sticking to past is probably better for an ordinary story. Managing to learn Durum Beter - such a nice song!

My cat's so odd. This morning he dashed to the kitchen so quickly the windows nearly shattered. I gave him some food, but then noticed a towel in his water-bowl. I never thought towels would be such and effective way to drain water out of a bowl. I put it aside and refilled the water-bowl. I then moved my cat away from the food so that he could see the water-bowl. He struggled against my grip for all desperation. I could almost hear him think, "NO! NO! MY FOOD! MINE! LEAVE!"
I don't think he was interested in the water at all. He buried his face in his food, eating twice as fast.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-11-09
Written: (6118 days ago)

This is the last time I'm letting my brother practise on me!
He's in med-school. Last year now, thankfully. Somewhere around four years back he asked me if he could practise on me - practise drawing blood from me. I don't know why I let him. It hurt, and left me with a bulging vein that made my teachers and friends rather suspicious of what I did over the weekend. Today he asked me to practise again - an orthopedic exam, or something like that. It wouldn't hurt, he promised, and would take maybe 5 minutes. Only, he didn't mention the catch: i had to take off my shirt. And my pants. And i was wearing a rather small pair of jocks which don't quite cover their duties. After feeling up my hips for a longer time than I could appreciate from my brother, he came to the conclusion that I had very healthy hips and legs... minus the fact that my left leg is three centimetres longer than my right. Which is odd, it seems the other way round, now that I think about it. Anyways, he wants to do the same to my knees and shoulders. Wondering if it's too late to back out... at least that won't be in the tiny jocks.

Maths exam today... well, everything worked out, so I'm guessing I got a good mark. I had a little trouble drawing a parabola, on the account that I accidentally left out a minus sign along the way. Man, that made some strange things happen in the graph. But i had just enough time to fix it up, thankfully.
Next week is the big one. Some of the exams have been moved, but i've still got six exams in five days... almost as bad as five exams in three days in the week after. But it's all good, since I'll be off to London, buying books and other nice stuff ^_^. And Israel, to meet my dearest beloved, who I met at ET. And Thailand, to go hiking, buying Oriental goods and pray at shrines. I love praying at shrines - it's so calm, and the incense is inspiring...

I have decided I'm going to call Ragni - the woman who offered me her daughter's hand. I'm going to call her to ask her where the closest temple is. I do realise this will have consequences. I can't wait to see what they are :P

Due to the fact that I'm writing more exams in two weeks than I should be so that I can go to London, I don't expect myself to write anything. I did write another paragraph for The Book About Just About Anything, but that was while I was waiting before the maths exam. So I asked my friend for a word. He thought about it, and answered "Stick to your own paper". So i wrote a whole paragraph, trying to weave in "Stick to your own paper."
By the way, if anyone wants to send me a random word/phrase, I will make a funny free-written paragraph out of it, and give you a copy.

I printed out two lyrics of Tarkan - DURUM BETER and Bu ┼×ark─▒larda Olmasa. Really great songs, but somewhat music dependent. i need to find songs that I can sing without an accompanying instrument. Tarkan is really neat, and one of my current favourite singers. I hear he belly-dances, too. That sounds very unlikely of a male, but if it's possible... hell, i want to learn how to do it!

Ice-cream and fruit salad beckons, and I've written more than enough.

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Written about Tuesday 2005-11-08
Written: (6119 days ago)

All right. I just joined here.
This place is beautiful. So glad I'm part of it, and I vow to make the most of my membership. I will post some details about myself in my house, or in wikis linked onto my house.

I'm going to try and keep writing in this blog. Might come handy when I'm writing. I'll also thus save a personal copy. Feel free to comment.
So, the latest news:
One exam down, twelve to go. Algebra tomorrow. I think I'm ready, which of course means I'm going to suffer tomorrow. I also think I did well in English yesterday, which means i'm going to receive a pathetic mark for that. The article from the comprehension was really funny. It was called, "Teenager at Large". Absolutely hilarious. I'm definitely going to hang on to that.
A couple of weeks back I was at the Oriental Plaza, a flea-market selling mainly Indian goods. I had just watched the film, Hum Tum, and the music was so good I wanted the CD. So I searched a store there when I noticed a woman staring at me as if my right ear had turned a distinct shade of green.
She asked, "Are you looking for Indian music?!"
I explained to her I was looking for the Hum Tum CD, and asked if she knew whether they had it.
"Wait a minute," she stopped me. "How do you know about Hum Tum?"
"I saw it last week in the Bollywood film festival," I explained. The look she gave me suggested that a) she hadn't heard of that and b) was impressed that I did.
We started talking about Bollywood, and she obviously became very impressed, because then she asked me,
"What's your phone number? I want you for my daughter!"
So, in the end we exchanged phone numbers. Not that I wanted to get married, but I wanted some more Indian friends.
I called her just before Diwali to wish her a happy Diwali. She was very flattered. Now I'm wondering - should I call her again to wish her daughter good luck for her exams?
As you can see, I'm a bit too obsessed with Indians...
I have several stories on Elftown, I think I will move them to here. Or maybe I'll just send my unread one, "The Horizonist". I have to admit I'm really worried about it because it has virtually no plot.
My novels have reached a standstill. I've added a few more lines to "The Book About Just About Everything." I haven't touched "Words Of Fury" for months. I suppose on one hand that's good, because i do just need to edit it. And replot it. This is reaching another of those ugly cycles.

Anyways, must study, so i will post again, and adjust my profile and all and all when I have time.

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