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Name: Luke Wolfson

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How are you?
I am fine, thank you.
In fact, I'm not really fine
but thanks for asking.
The truth is -
since you want to hear it -
What? You don't?
Ah well, you'll still have to bear it.
The truth is I'm awful,
terrible, I've never felt worse!
And so i decided
to write this silly verse.

I've discovered the truth
Quite difine!
It was hanging all along
on a grape vine
and I know it's the truth,
for you see,
that's what the voices in my head
all assured me.

I love my job
I do it every day!
Nothing like singing until people
pay you to go away.

I'm not co-dependent
but can you help me?
Please turn off the light,
the darkness scares me.

And now people stare
I don't know why.
In truth i don't care
for deep inside their
little normal boundaries
they're as bad as I am -
mad, completely!

Now the men in white come,
and I must flee!
But thanks for sharing
my insanaity.

Age: 23Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 29

Gender: male

Place of living: Sandton, South Africa

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