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Written about Monday 2008-04-07
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I'm assuming that a blog is a diary......

I have recently seen a phrase on someone's page stating something similar to "I am just a figment of your imagination. As much as you want me, I'm not real."

Such a sad statement. Very truly sad. I am completely against that saying. If something I want esists, even if only in my mind, it exists and I have it. It will always be there and it matters. Just because it is in my imagination doesn't mean that it's not real. The mind is a beautiful place where you can always go, shape things the way you want and even explore unknown territory. Yes, unknown. Even if you made it up.

Let's just say that the thing in question is a floating sky city. Somepeople might have a fettish for that. They can create a beautiful city in their mind's eye that's fully functional and perfect. I can imagine someone somewhere out there wanting to go to that place to live. But guess what. Someone has sad "As much as you want it, it's not real." Normally, that could make a person cry. But it's not true. It's there. It's real. It will always be there for you. You can make yourself an aircraft and explore it. I can imagine myself going down the gridded streets, seeing people so many people, none looking exactly the same, everyone in their own unique style, hearing the roars of many engines, the loud murmur of passing pedestrians, a honk or two, the horn of a train, the bells and calls of street merchants. I can see plenty of glittering merchandise form jewelry to transportation pods, to clothes to odd robotic gadgets. I can see the clouds so close to the city's towering sky scrapers with the sun so much nearer. A lot of the buildings are flashing because of the glass deflecting the sun's rays. And look, I can even navigate in my world. I turn the street corner and look! A cafe! It smells like buns and rolls. And down the street below us, a kid is tricking off on the sidewalk on his skateboard with his friends.

I decide to 'dock' or park my pod at a building. Hey, look, my friend is rushing out to drag me in and have a talk. I guess that means that this 'figment of my imagination' has to end for now. I'll return to it later. It is, even if not real, a very exciting place. I suppose next I'll go visit the museum. I'm sure it will have lots of cool things in it.

Not real, you say... Whatever made you say that? I can describe that city perfectly. And as long as I live, I can go back to it anytime I want. It's not disappearing. Hmm? What's that? If I die it won't be there, proving you are right? If I'm dead, I'm dead. I won't care. It won't matter then. Heck, maybe I'll even be there when I'm dead. The point is that it is mine and no one can take it from me or claim that it isn't real. Because to me, it is real. And nothing can stop that. On that note, you should read the Velveteen Rabbit. A lovely, lovely book.

Keep dreaming, keep believing, it's real and it's there.
~Gaia Moonrise

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