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Name: Cammy

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Yay!! I won second at Five Words for the April-June contest. Fun contest, go check it out.
Wheeee!!! First place for August! 3rd place in Drabbles for September!

Aqua blue water lapped and swirled around her pale feet. He looked at her from behind, wondering if she who she was and where she came from.
A lone yellow streak ran down her purple-roan hair. You wonder if she’s cold, sitting there in the waves at predawn. She turns around and looks at you with pale pink irises.
“Hello,” she says politely with a voice like a soft wind. “You know,” she continued, “ sunrise looks beautiful up here but it looks even better at the palace.”
He raised an eyebrow, about to inquire what such palace existed all the way out here, but she continues, unaware of his confusion.
“The water scatters the flashes of sun and it lights up the coral and white sand. All the fish swim in and out of it, making their colours flash even more. It kind of makes it boring. Up here, all you see is orange, yellow, and blue. Under water, you get bunches of colours all over the place.”
“Yes,’ he said slowly. “But too bad I am not a water-breather.”
She turned around smiling brightly at him. “No, but you could! Let me show you.”
She pulled out a blue-topaz pendant from the loose folds of her white dress and draped it around his neck.
The back of his nose stung briefly, but by the time she grasped his hand and pulled him into the water, he felt excited and eager. Cool waters surrounded him and bubbles choked him. But th e girl pulled him deeper and deeper and they swam over the first shelf. His breath caught in his chest as he saw every single wonder the girl had described along with beautiful coral and sandstone homes that glistened in the light. It seemed everything here was made for royalty….
A slight moment of horror gripped him as myriads of colourful fish and water-people swam up to greet them, but that soon fell as their cheery smiles and bright eyes welcomed him.
“Welcome to my home,” the girl said softly.


Hallo. I go by Cammy, and I'm an amateur writer, and I'm interested in reading and writing with other people. I heard about this community and it seemed a perfect place to get better. I also have an elftown account and I'm an author, artist, and photographer there. I write and read fantasy and sci-fi. Anything else, I find boring. Fiction is okay. My elfotwn user is Lord of the Night's Rains, if you want to check it out.

I write long stories, however those are extremely slow. I will post my short stories, which are mostly finished now. I do do poems, however those are pretty crappy. XD I don't really understand the "Writings" clicky thing, so I'm just copying my elftown pages... lazy and lame, I know, but I understand it better. So I don't mean to sound like a big show off by making entire wikipages just for me, but I dun really understand the rest.

I'd prefer not to talk to people who use leet or net speak, or are completely sex-oriented. -.- I doubt I'd find those here, though, hopefully. Too bad elftown got overrun with them....

Random Stuff about me:

Favourite authors: Brain Jasques, Tamora Pierce, Lloyed Alexander
Favourite Series: Unicorns of Balinor
Genres: Fantasy, Sci-fi, and fiction
Facourite gem: opal
Element: water
Zodiac sign: Libra
Favourite mythical creature: unicorn, followed by mermaid and pegasus
Favourite colour: blue-roan

These are some wikipages I'm transferring over from elftown.

Cammy's Short stories
The Chosen
Island of Jewels
Cammy's Poetry
Anyway, if anyone wants to know more about me, then they can message. =) Bye bye for now.


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