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Written about Thursday 2011-11-10
Written: (2627 days ago)

Oh. Right. This place. I forgot again. Uuumm. Cannot say I'll be very active, but I'll try to do something every once in a while.

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Written about Monday 2008-06-23
Written: (3862 days ago)


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Written about Tuesday 2008-01-08
Written: (4029 days ago)

It's been a while. Months, actually. My excuse is that first I was busy with all kinds of real life things, and then came NaNoWrimo. I wrote fanfiction, so I couldn't post anything of it here. Also, aside from that and a few poems, I haven't really written much.
I'll try to get back into it, however, by continuing to enter contests here. Happy House will be finished eventually; I was, and am still, too fond of it to merely let it dwindle and die. I should also probably revamp my profile, although it's not the first priority by any means. Will take a look around later today to see which contests are still active, stretch my legs... and maybe attempt to blow some dust off from the corners of my house.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-05-02
Written: (4280 days ago)

So, that challenge I spoke of a month ago? Completed successfully. I wrote something each and every day of April, and most of what I produced is actually worth reading. Many of the texts that weren't contest entries for WritersCo can be seen here either way, and there will be more as soon as I come up with titles for a couple of them scribblings.
I don't feel like I've accomplished that much, but I'm a little bit proud either way. I think I'll have to do this again, sometime.

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Written about Thursday 2007-04-05
Written: (4307 days ago)

Struck by an extremely inconvenient fit of ennui, I committed a good deed for the day and spent some time clicking the 'Random text' buttom, ranking writings as I went. I should do this more often.
Now to alleviate my boredom in other ways...

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Written about Monday 2007-04-02
Written: (4310 days ago)

I have set upon myself a challenge. I am to write at least one piece, be it poem, short story, or something else, each day during this month. It's not only good practice, but also an excellent motive for participating in more contests on here. I got off to a good start yesterday, coming up with an April Fool's joke for the Daily Poem slot over at Elftown, along with a cheerful spring poem, and an acrostic poem which I already put up here - 135.Poetry.Lover
Today I'll have to see about creating something for Concerti.

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Written about Thursday 2006-11-02
Written: (4460 days ago)

I'm working on my Nanowrimo novel, slowly but surely. I'm at 2532 words, nearly a thousand behind the recommended count for this day - it would be good to get 1667 words/day, or 1666,66 if you want to be that precise - but I'm hopeful. This is beginning to be the longest text I've ever written, and my main character isn't even born yet. I just a moment ago whored more words by using Shakespeare's 18. sonnet, and I might insert another at some point. My story will also include, somehow, a trebuchet, and the words/expressions discombobulate, catamite, chthonian, eldritch, tyromancy, thews, squamous, onomatopoetic, l'esprit de l'esqalier, hybris, demagoguery. Why? The former because it's a challenge on the Nanowrimo forums, the latter just because I can. And I'm looking for more words to include in that list. On top of these, I'll be inserting tributes to various films and books, as many as I can get away with.

This is going to be so much fun, even if I don't reach 50k.

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