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Nanowrimo Support Group

Hey there everyone. It's almost October which means Nanowrimo will soon be kicking into gear and looking for fresh blood.

As a writer's community, we are encouraging everyone from WritersCo to try and participate. We won't be disappointed if you don't finish, but we do hope you will all put in a huge effort. All WritersCo hopes for is that its members make a strong showing and give it a try. You have nothing to lose, except maybe a little sleep, and everything to gain, maybe even a publishable novel.

For those who have never heard of Nanowrimo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. The official Nanowrimo contest takes place each November with a goal of each participant writing a short novel of 50 000 words. There are technically no prizes, but it is a great experience and people from all over the world participate. It's a great way to meet other amateur writers near you.

You can get more information and sign up at:

This is going to be our little support group for WritersCo members participating in Nanowrimo.

If you are going to be participating add your name to the list and introduce yourself if you se feel inclined.

2006 Nanowrimo Participants
[RiverStar] -
[pirate witch]

Nanowrimo Bootcamp - Get those writing muscles in gear for the big event!

Username (or number or email):


2006-10-05 [RiverStar]: [Font] and I have set up a personal challenge. We are both writing similar Nanowrimo stories and will have to check in with each other daily to ensure we are both on track. Whoever wins, will have the other piece review one of their longer works of writing. Just writing this as proof! So neither of us can back out.

2006-10-06 [Font]: Sneaky sneaky :P Yes but it's all very true, though if anyone else wants a chat when nano starts or even before I'd be up for it. Unless you are like River and just steal my ideas :P

2006-10-06 [RiverStar]: Hahaha! I decided against that story I think....I might go with my original idea....I don't know.....I'm still so indecisive.

2006-10-07 [MysteriousAges]: I might just have to steal one of your ideas myself. XD :p

2006-10-07 [Font]: I'd be happy to talk through a few ideas if you want - though like with River I somehow turn story plots into something about disillusioned people with no real purpose :P

2006-10-16 [WC Monthly]: Hi! November's e-zine is going to be featuring a collection of NaNoWriMo survival/horror stories, and I thought this was the logical place to ask if anyone would be interested in donating. Thoughts?

2006-10-17 [RiddleRose]: er. i'd love to donate shtuffies, but perhaps it should be moved to december, so writing them doesn't cut in on nonexistant nano time? tis a suggestion...

2006-11-03 [Emily]: Let's roll this ball B-)

2006-12-04 [Mister Saint]: Childrens, there's a list page for all your NaNo works at Nanowrimo 2006, for those who are interested. ^^

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