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Written about Wednesday 2011-12-28
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A "Special" Merry Christmas

When I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to God, my soul to keep.
To never wake I ask, I pray,
Free at last to be I may,
From the one whom tortures me
And those supporting so willingly.
May the truth seek its justice then
Dole out rewards the same times ten.

Too many years my life invaded
My name, my works, all pervaded,
Ruined, defiled, defaced, destroyed,
All so my tormentor could avoid
Others, the truth from learning,
But the data collected will be burning
His whole facade built on lies,
His manipulation cannot disguise;
For upon my death, I do bequeath,
A different kind of completed wreath,
To adorn and haunt the names included,
All the data collected, no more secluded.

..And so for me, at last desired peace;
For death will end; his evil cease!
Therefore, it shall matter none
What has been so cruelly done,
To my name, my works, my life torn to shreds,
May all those guilty land in identical beds.

This battle is over; yet, no one's won,
For I concede, my life is done.
I have no more energy nor desire,
To fight this battle.. I now retire.

To my tormentor and those supporting,
Merry Christmas forever, my life's aborting.
As the New Year begins, do carry on,
Party-hearty for I'll be gone!


To my stalker... please enjoy listening to a "silent phone", or a number that truly is "not in service" any longer for a dead person is not in need of a phone nor the computer you invaded as well. So I guess death will provide me with another satisfaction, besides freedom from your torment, your "playground.. this playground. being my life.. of 'your' torturous acts" will now be closed... permanently. Please make sure you have a hell of a drinking party to celebrate! This is what you do best, isn't it, second only to invading the life and privacy of another? Gee, who are to be or are already your next or other victims? My deepest, most heart felt sympathy I feel for them. Deny it, lie about it, do whatever you must, but I would much rather be dead than be your victim any longer.

There's only one way I know of to put an end to all of this permanently, because the privacy invasion, the stalking, has NOT stopped and I have to face the fact it never will unless "I" put a stop to it and this is the only way I know of TO stop it and so, I will. There comes a time when enough is enough and I no longer have any desire, energy, or money to invest to try and protect my privacy, only to learn, it was all just wasted energy, time, and money. Have a nice life!

I refuse to continue living having someone listening in and infringing upon my right to "MY" privacy and by invading MY privacy, those I communicate with, their privacy is invaded as well. I refuse to live with having MY name and MY creativity permanently defiled all across the Internet by a person whom is so bloody guilty of privacy invasion, stalking, lying to protect his immoral acts, etc., etc., etc., and then also has the colossal gall to "share" with others what he extracts from my PRIVATE conversations and writings, PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED by one of the people MY "PRIVATE" life, thoughts, etc. were "shared" with. I REFUSE! Being dead is a MUCH better alternative and it will definitely bring my torment to a screeching halt. ...But not without a very well put together "trail of breadcrumbs" which will lead all the 'right' parties to all the 'right' places and to all the 'right' people involved with this horrific ostracism I have been subjected to. May my bloody stalker and all those whom have supported him, condoned his actions, AND so WILLINGLY taken part in victimising me even more.... including the "CLONES" and "IMPERSONATIONS" of my stalker, both male and female, may you ALLLLLL reap what you have sown.. IN SPADES!

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