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Once I saw a greatness, once I saw a heart.
Once I saw intelligence, one that was very smart.
Once I saw awesomeness, once I saw a man
That stood apart from others, I was your biggest fan.
Once I saw a charm, one that made me smile,
One that I was willing to go for, the extra mile.
Once I saw integrity, with character quite unique,
My heart lightened when your name I would speak.
Once I felt for you such deep admiration.
Once you were at the center of my inspiration.

But now it seems, I couldn't be more wrong,
For you've been singing a very different song.
I should have listened to your friends, what they had to say,
Because you are what they said, cruel in every way.
But instead I chose to place my faith in you
And now I'm reaping my rewards for what I chose to do,
And I didn't want to believe, you a selfish liar,
Just misunderstood, your goals and your desire.

Countless chances I gave you, regardless of my pain,
All I asked for was to understand, you to explain.
So many excuses I made for you, I refused to see the worst,
While you were laughing at me and with others, I, you cursed.
So as I poured my heart out, you, gave all I could for,
You just delighted in tormenting me more and more.
You steal from me, you try to ruin my name,
While, you stalk and threaten me, then on me, you lay the blame.

You think you are a god, expecting others to slave for you,
To clean up all your messes, all around you strew.
You think God is make believe, yet you desire His name,
You're just a pathetic being with no conscience and no shame.
Within you, there is no beating heart, nor a glimmer of light,
With evil lurking rampantly, you're blacker than the night.
You're nothing more than a thief, a vampiristic leech,
With a hypocritical tongue used in every word you preach.

You creep around in shadows, too cowardly to show your face,
Taunting all your victims, invading others' space.
You're ostentatious, a show-off; superficial and a snob,
With no real ambition, just a spineless, empty lob.
Yet, you think I'm going to give more of me to you?
Just one more thing, dear, try on this poetic shoe.
Ah, it fits you perfectly. It is just your size,
And so, I've uncovered your masterful disguise!

Your arrogance is profound, your highness self perceived,
But at last my eyes are opened and so, now I am relieved.
Finally I know, although it is so very late,
What you had in mind, your being is filled with hate.
But I'm not really sorry, because with love to you, I gave.
Hate holds YOU prisoner, its bondage, you're its slave.

Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-04-27 08:39:00

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