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Written about Friday 2009-12-18
Written: (4578 days ago)

Just a note in case anyone else still logs on here... I'm going to continue uploading writings (when they happen) to this site, rather than the shiny new one. I use several other writing sites so if I need feedback/community I suppose I'll wander over to them, but I like the way writings are stored here and I'm sentimentally attached to the heddate style site. Plus, I can't be bothered shifting all my writings across for no reason, when they're already all here >:/

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Written about Wednesday 2007-01-10
Written: (5650 days ago)

A Request to all:

I know I've said it before, but hell, nagging worked for my mother:
PLEASE add a rating to any work you bother reading!!!

The rating system goes from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest) and not only are ratings an easy form of feedback to give each writer, but they guarantee that any piece you read and love will have it's spot on the "best texts" section of the writing index, where other people are more likely to find it!

See ratings for advice, explanations, and instructions :)

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Written about Saturday 2006-09-30
Written: (5752 days ago)

Felt I should probably update you guys on my doings:

Still not able to really get back on here reguarly, although I do check in for a few minutes whenever I get the chance, so if there's anything urgent or you just feel like dropping me a line just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :)

Things have quietened down since the funeral but life is still very shaken up, and we're all having trouble getting back on track.
My family escaped for a week at the coast but now we're back and trying to drag ourselves through work/uni/school/life and it's all just a bit much really, so I don't know when I'll be able to add internet committments into the mix as well :/

Sorry to all those who are waiting on replies to messages, updates or entries to contests, or just a general appearance from me! I'm available quite often on msn at hypochondriac_64@hotmail.com if you feel like getting in touch, but otherwise... well, gimme awhile :P

Oh, and as always to all those Elftowners, ET's ezine The Town Herald@wiki is looking for any guest articles, fiction, reviews, drawings, whatever. The current working-theme is Arabian Nights and there's no forseeable release date at the moment as it's waiting on me. If you're interested check out the ET wiki or contact me :)

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Written about Monday 2006-06-19
Written: (5855 days ago)

I just needed to say, if any of yall are discovering you're pregnant right about now, I will bang my head on the desk :P

In the past 2 months more than half of my friends have announced pregnancy. This includes friends who've moved away, or dropped out of contact. This includes more than half the people I've ever met in my life. It's insane. Seriously, I was counting, when I realised it was a bit odd, and got to over 60. Which is.... insane. So maybe not half exactly, but christ. That is a LOT of love. Worldwide too. Anyone else thinking aliens? :P

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Written about Thursday 2006-04-20
Written: (5915 days ago)

You guys make my days complete ;)
You might not be very active, talkative, polished or present, but among your writings here, and those at elfwood wyvern's, lemonfingers, assorted e-books and short stories and blogs, you give me joy without ever making me brave the freezing cold (Australian - so really it's quite warm) Winter to venture out to the library :P

I've been having so much fun reading through so, so many random stories, that I definitely recommend it! You may have to trawl your way through a bunch of barely readable, unspellchecked swillish poetry written by emo 11 year old who cut themselves and hate everything, but every little while you're bound to find something really enjoyable. I would never even look at some of these genres in a bookstore or library, but I find myself reading gothic horror, erotica, stream of consciousness, humour, philosophy... whatever. I love it, and I wanted to say thankye :3

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Written about Wednesday 2006-03-29
Written: (5937 days ago)


PS. Incase anyone wasn't quite sure how the rating system works, just check out ratings.

-Basically, you can vote for a 1 - 9 score, 1 being the lowest and 9 the highest.
-There is no rubric or chart to show you what should fall into the category of a "9", you just need to use your own judgement.
-The score is tallied as an average from the last 20 votes.
-That means that if there aren't 20 votes, the average will have had a whole bunch of "zeros" factored into it, and will be very low even if the few people who voted for it voted "9".
-So vote! If you don't vote you're actually bringing people's averages down (I think? :P), and we need as many votes on as many pieces as you can read to get an accurate look at the whole thing ^_^
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Written about Saturday 2006-03-25
Written: (5941 days ago)

Phwoar! Tired! Hungry! More Tired!
I'm at that stage of exhaustion where you always ram your shoulders into door-jams because you know you're about to walk into a wall but you just don't have the energy to avoid it entirely ;)

But anyways, the reason I'm writing in here at all is this:

The other day I noticed that the "ratings" system goes largely un-used.
I personally would love to see even that small feedback on my work!
Some may not like a system that "ranks" work, but hell, some may not like that we only comment on some of the pieces we read, or that 1 entry will always win against the others in contests ;)

I'm here to get as much feedback on my work as possible, so if from now on everyone of you who actually bothers reading my pieces takes a few seconds to fill in the "rating" slot up the top of each writing, I would be very, very greatful :D

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Written about Sunday 2006-02-19
Written: (5975 days ago)

Attention flipsiders! Check out <poll:25>!

I had an idea earlier about the flipside organisation, what with all the recent discussion over time limits and kicking non participating members out, and etc etc etc :P

I'd really like to know what people feel about it, so can I get some feedback please? :D

Maybe instead of a time limit to participate in (like the suggested 6 weeks) and then kicking members off the member roster, we could have more member's areas on the roster? :)
At the moment we have Contest Hosts, and Contest Participants.
What I'd love to see would be an extra section named Flipside Supporters or something, and it'd be for people currently inactive on the participants list, or people who simply hang around, or use the Flipside Workshop and the like :D

Any participant who doesn't participate after some amount of time could simply be shifted to the supporters list, messaged to tell them what's going on (with a list of any current/upcoming contests they might be interested in) and that they could re-add themselves to the participants section once they've found a contest they're interested in.
That way we aren't kicking members out, we aren't banning anyone, but contest owners can see a reasonably accurate list of the amount of people available to participate in contests at any given time! Oh and also so they can create new contests specifically geared to the current active participants!

Whether or not the 'supporters' list could only consist of active members I don't know, I'd like to think that even inactive ones could hang around on that list. Maybe after awhile if we never saw any input from someone we could message them to find out why and if necessary remove them, but I don't think a supporters list should have as strict a time limit as the participants list.

And even that 'strict' time limit isn't to kick them out, we're just shifting them to a different members area until they're ready to participate again ;)
Or they could even move themselves, when thewy know they're busy or wont be hanging around contests much for awhile! :D

So that takes care of people like Moorn or SleepyD, who are definitely worthwhile and active members, but who are taking a little nap-time away from the contests ;)
Anyhoo, I personally think something like this is a much better approach to the whole problem of "banning members for not participating" (once you've thought it all the way through :P) and maintains the whole relaxed feel around flipside :)


Please, feedback?
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