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Written about Wednesday 2006-05-31
Written: (4862 days ago)

So today was eventful...    So there is a girl I like, who likes me back. Supposedly.(Turst, the fifth myth of reality: Every truth holds the seed of betrayel) We've had ideas of a relationship for a little while now... She lives about ten or twenty miles away, and because of that, she's shooting down any chance at a relationship because of the distance. I think thats nonsense...  she can already drive, and i'm gonna learn sometime this month. That makes twenty miles seem like, 'oh, just gimme half an hour and i'll be there.' talking to her though...   wow. it's really something. It makes me feel like every one else that I know isn't worth it, worth fighting for, the way she is...     I'm left breathless after every real conversation we have. heart racing...   wow! poem material. goodnight.


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Written about Tuesday 2006-05-30
Written: (4863 days ago)

So it's not blocked...     Awesome!!!   You know that I'm just gonna be on this all day during school because I have nothing better to do...  lol. yeah. so bored!!!  well, now I have writersco. I'll browse some writings...  then I'll make my own. the possibilities are limitless...   so yet again I'm being led on by this girl named megan Wilson...  She out right says that she's in love with me, and then, not even an hour later, she's makeing out with this other guy...   ay ay ay! what am I gonna do!? these girls are gonna be the end of me. oh well...  might as well learn my lesson and pay attention to the clues next time...  Se la vi. whadda you gonna do, right? till next time, viewers!


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Written about Monday 2006-05-29
Written: (4864 days ago)

well...   the first day of my account and I'm already asking about how to become a staff member...   hah! always the hard worker. well, my pearents are kicking me off the computer now. good bye cruel *cybernetic* world!!!    lol. oh woes me! heh heh heh. I just cant stop! well...     Hopefully tommorow will be eventful. I always spice things up at school. I am walking controversy. crap, gotta go. dads giving me the stare...


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