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The basic and most familiar motive for any overly affluent gambler is to confidently stroll into a premium casino with a wad of cash, shoot it on the table, (preferably a high chance game like blackjack, or a high stake game like Baccarat) and gamble to win. It isn’t always about the winning, but the rush felt when dealing and placing thousands at a time. 
The rush was a merit that Prince Azeem took for granted; the future heir to the Arabian throne had found new pleasures in his venture to the soils of America. A Monarch with a lust for gambling would not be so easily swallowed by those who would be scrutinising his every move closely.  He would often joke about trading a camel for another hundred bucks, although some believed that if he could, he would. His addiction was soaring, whilst his balance plummeting. In time Azeem’s advisors knew that this prodigal son would soon return to his father, open handed, and begging of forgiveness.

Submission for Five Words hosted by [Po]

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