[Morningstar Rising]: 113.LIES

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2006-10-18 02:40:27
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Lies people tell them all the time
Hurtful, painful, full of rage
To your face, behind your back
Whispered here, shouted there
Swirling around without a care
Hidden secrets cloaked in darkness
Shadows dancing on the walls
Crying, grieving for all thats lost

Lies they break a heart made out of stone
Suckers are born everyday
Innocence is lost without any grace
Sadness bubbles like molten lava
Streaming down across your face
Your soul it cries with every lie
Whispered from lips smiling sweetly
Proclaiming love thats never ending

Lies they cut your heart just like a knife
An open wound that hurts like hell
That never heals no matter how hard you try
That tears you apart from the inside out
So deep the jagged edge does cut
Right through your heart down to your soul

Lies to many have been told
By you, by me, by all

Lies they never go away
They linger till the end

Lies they lead you to your grave
Becareful what you say

Lies, Lies, Lies,
Please make them go away

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