[La Divina]: 115.Tasha

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2006-10-01 21:00:25
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She sits, a lady of luxury wrapped in her grey furs, observing those around her with bright eyes. They are fascinate by her, this creature so out of place in their classroom. But they have grown accustomed to her, as she has grown accustomed to them. She is a patient thing, docile, and not as haughty as she appears, despite her posture. She shifts a little in her position, her muscles flowing gently and with elegance under silver grey furs, her brown eyes bright and amused. Her paws crossed under her furry chin, ears flicking lazily, Tasha yawns, showing her strong teeth. She might as well get a nap here under the desk. Her master, the biology professor, takes a long time with his lectures.

2006-12-24 Kaimee: Lovely, just wonderful ^^

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