[Kuzco]: 212.Tale of Troy with a twist

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Tale of Troy with a twist
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A long time ago, in a place we very well know,
A girl was kidnapped by the clutches of love,
As Heracles was to strength, she was to beauty,
And the clutches belonged to a prince of enemy loyalty...

It all happened for but one reason,
Troy took Helen during a Greek’s conquering season.
War began, a war forever remembered as Troy versus Greece
The largest armada ever to set sail, indeed it was the end of peace!

Thus began their thrust through the seas,
Filling them completely, as far as the eye could see,
Disembarked on Troy collecting their killing fees…
They established a war front which couldn’t get beat.

Troy had Hector, proudest and strong prince,
Greece had Odysseus, Ajax and Achilles.
Far more warriors were there and died,
But they all fell short in front of these general’s might.

The walls of Troy were said to be everlasting,
Greece decided to put that to a testing…
The first battle almost didn’t happen as Helena’s heart snatching Paris
Fought Helena’s heart aching husband.

But the battle was ill fault and Hector intervened killing Menelaus.

The war waged on, the Greeks were at the wall!
Arrows flew and swords clashed!
Shield on shield, sweat on armour!
Dust in the eyes and blood all over!

Screams in the ears, a slaughter fest!
Despair in the air, iron and bronze on the flesh,
This was the battle where Ajax met his death.
Hector killed him, for Troy and for his life.
The battle was lost…Greeks retreated uncaring about the dead man’s wife.

Keep in mind this war was 7 years long…

Achilles versus Hector, one on one!
What a fight, what a rush! No cheating, no interruptions,
No allies, enemies, any kind of disruptions. 
Achilles was out for blood, Hector… for everyone!

They fought and fought hard, valiant and bold
One with hate versus one with love,
Both with stories that would forever be told.
Enough heart to get rich on if it was ever to be sold…

Two nations in two men, the whole war defined on but one moment,
Their stomachs ache, their skin sweats, their muscles effort…
Their hands complain, their legs hold strong, their blood boils…
Their perception is stretched, their reaction godlike but…

But it finally ended in a great burial for Greek’s finest warrior Achilles…

Without Achilles the elite unit Myrmidons disbanded and left,
Greece lost its heart, its guts and stomach,
After 7 years of war they wished for peace and nothing more.

During that time Odysseus showed why his weapon was his brain
He led a strike team and killed the king himself!
Hector succeeded and the war turned back a mile!
The Greeks were pushed back into a point where Agamemnon went insane!

Odysseus then thought of the most bizarre plan ever,
He thought of a way of infiltrating Greek’s finest men inside the Walls,
From inside they would open the gates and taste victory’s nectar.
They built the contraption and faked a retreat, “this is the moment Troy falls!”

“The Greeks left.”
“So it would seem.”
“They left an offering.”
“Worthy of it we are deemed.”
“Chop it with axes, we can use the wood!”
“No heretic, offend the gods we would!”
“I say burn it! A message to Greece.”
“Aye, then we may talk of such a thing as peace.” 
“No lest the gods have us ceased!”
“No priest, we will burn it.” King Hector said, looking at the sculpture.
“Burn it, so says the King of Troy.”
“That’s right, burn the toy!”

And writhing pain and cleansing fire thus withered Greece’s last hope for victory.
With nothing but dead leaders, Greeks returned in overwhelming defeat.
What that would mean later on, it was no one’s place to say,
But disaster and slaughter had been denied and all was more than okay.

Peaceful leaders awaited back home and on Troy love flourished.

Troy grew large and powerful under the lineage of Hector,
And as for the relationship between the love snatcher and the Heracles of beauty…
Well that's an entirely different matter for it would seem that…
They lived happily ever after.

2008-06-11 Catalyst: Interesting twist. Wouldn't have expected that

2008-06-11 Kuzco: *shrugs* Just a thought, that a single battle between each side's best warriors would determine so much. I believe it would. :)

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