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2006-02-06 00:14:43

2006-01-29 Kaimee: I wish it were divided into subcategories, you know, short stories, scifi, unfinished, blah blah blah so I had some idea where to start reading! :P Hehe, do you recommend any stories in particular to a girl who likes short stories on a scifi/speculative fiction bend?

2006-01-29 Kuzco: An eagle's life, Life is Hell, Imagination contest. I think those three fall into that category. And I would subdivide them but one, I dunno how to move pages and two, I dunno how to categorize most of them. :)

2008-09-15 Ash: Do you need help categorizing them? I can help.

2008-09-16 Kuzco: If you're willing to take the time, I'm willing to accept. :)

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