[SleepingDragon]: 268.Metal Daze.Chapter 13 - Aftermath

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Chapter 13 - Aftermath
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Chapter Thirteen – Aftermath

Hello you
yes it's me
You can't come back
Your flyin' free
You think you found
Everything that you need

Fly away, fly away
To your new home
Across the seas
Oh leave your nest
Oh baby leave the best thing
That you've been
Whoa, whoa, whoa

Fly on, Thunderbird fly
Fly on, spread your wings to the sky
Fly on, Thunderbird fly

Quiet Riot

Teen Killed in Dust Incident at Def Leppard Show

Sunday, September 4th- A sixteen-year-old girl was pronounced dead on arrival at Charlevoix Area Hospital last evening after ingesting unknown amounts of street drug PCP, otherwise known as Angel Dust. She was taken by ambulance from the scene at Castle Farms Music Theater on M66 in Charlevoix. The youth had also been reported missing from a nearby foster home the day before. Names of victim and suspects are being withheld by police pending an investigation.

Steve Talbert was not allowed at the funeral of his friend and love, Angela Stevens. He received two years probation and six months in a drug treatment center as part of a plea bargain arrangement with the district attorney after his full cooperation in the investigation.

Matt Brady and Sherry Valad were never implicated in the investigation. Steve took full responsibility for helping with Roxy’s ‘escape’ from the foster home.

The person with the angel dust was never identified by Steve or the investigating officers.

Steve eventually did move to Los Angels after his probation ended. He found a bassist-singer named Rick to start a band with, and is now enjoying some cult status at local clubs when not attending NA meetings.

Steve has no steady girlfriend but dates from time to time. He thinks often of Roxy and ponders how things could have been, had she not made the fateful choice that night.

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