[SleepingDragon]: 268.Metal Daze

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2006-03-04 14:51:22
Metal Daze
Metal Daze
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May contain sensitive material including adult language and situations, strong sexual content and violence

The Chapters here are part of a work in progress and may be subject to editing until further notice is given.

In a time when the music was everything...

Steve 'Slam' Talbert is lead guitarist for the fledgling metal band 'Flame Sabre', which basically sucks. It's summertime in the early eighties and what better to do then party and go to concerts? Maybe make out with his girlfriend, if he had one.

Will Slam find the girl of his dreams? Will his band find a bass player? Will he convince his bandmates that they need more than three lame originals to play a decent show, or will he move on to something else, disregarding the bonds of friendship?

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