[SleepingDragon]: 268.Tyrannosaur on Grand Avenue

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2006-01-07 14:25:50
Tyrannosaur,Grand Avenue
Tyrannosaur on Grand Avenue
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“My god! What is that!” She screamed from the passenger seat.

I already had the Camaro in a sideways brake slide, ready to punch it back down the one way street. What in blazes was a tyrannosaur doing on Grand Avenue!


The massive footfall shook the car as I smoked off the tires, jamming gears as fast as I could. A gargantuan set of jaws snapped tight, inches from the windshield. All the while my frightened girlfriend clung to my arm, screaming in my ear.

The loud blaring of a horn and bright lights in my face prompted me to swerve just in time. I never saw what happened to the UPS truck after that.


It was still behind me and running fast. I could see it in the rear view when I wasn’t avoiding oncoming cars. First to the right, then to the left and then back again, I fishtailed it through traffic. I had to get off this one way!

To the right was an off-ramp to 696. The only problem was, I was still going the wrong direction! A set of headlights in my lane made the decision for me and in a flash, I was halfway down the off-ramp. God, let there be no traffic!


No such luck. Halfway down the curvy ramp, I spied the headlights of a delivery truck pulling into the ramps only lane. My only shot was to make it past the truck before the shoulders near it merged into the cement safety walls that lined the ramp further up. There was nothing for it but to floor it. Hopefully the truck would take out the T-Rex as well.

The trucks’ horn wailed as it’s driver and I both swerved right. Sparks flew off the side of my car as it scraped along the mounting ladder on the side of the Semi’s cab, grinding metal to metal. I scarcely missed the safety barrels at the end of the ramp. The tyrannosaur jumped the truck and continued pursuit.


Though now on the freeway, I was still in the wrong lane and was forced to swerve for several more vehicles before I came to a place in the road where there was no barricade and I could cross the median. When I finally did, the car spun wildly in the wet grass between the freeway lanes. I turned three cookies with the T-Rex snapping at the car before finally righting it and hitting the eastbound lane. At last, I was going the right direction!

Any sense of relief was short lived as an orange sign bearing the words “ROAD CONSTRUCTION AHEAD” came into focus. Within a quarter mile there were traffic cones everywhere, funneling me onto an off ramp and toward the main downtown district. The T-Rex was still hot on my tail. I swung a right onto Lafayette, which was jammed with cars, and immediately had to hit the sidewalk to avoid slowing.

I took out mailboxes and street lamps as the pursuing dinosaur took out shop signs for Subway, H&R Block and Payless Shoes before finally collaring itself with the oversized ‘Dunkin’ donut from the shop on the next corner. Still, it continued the chase.

I brake slid left and hit a side street that was mostly empty of traffic before hanging a right down a dark alley. I quickly backed the car in next to a large dumpster, turning off the engine and the lights. I heard the sound of heavy footfalls pass by the end of the alley and move beyond, fading into the distance. I breathed a sigh of relief.

My girlfriend leaned over to me and whispered into my ear…

“Wake up you nutball! You’re going to be late for school!”

2006-01-07 Mister Saint: I think I had that dream once. It's paced very well; sudden, in your face, and doesn't bother with detail. I likes. ^^

2006-01-07 SleepingDragon: Thanks! Maybe Po mentioned the dream I had a while back *bling-bling* :D

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