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five words

Five Words

The high preistess raises her arms to the sky, chanting hymns and prayers to the gods. She holds a sickle in one hand and a sheaf of grain in the other. As each sacrifice files up to her she grows more and more ecstatic, infused with godly power. "The gate to Heaven requires blood!" she screams in a passionate voice. The sacrifices cry out in pleasure as they die beneath her knife, knowing that they will soon be dining with the gods. Finally they are all dead, and their blood runs in rivers through the watching mass of people. On cue the final sacrifice is brought to the altar. The newborn child looks around with wide eyes as its mother offers it to the preistess. The sickle flashes once, and the gates of heaven open.

2006-02-18 *Amy*: Great paragraph. I only found one thing that you might want to change. The second sentence between still and incredibly, and should be an. Just thought you might want to know. :)
Good luck to you in the contest!

2006-02-18 RiddleRose: ooh, thanks. i missed that! >.<

2006-03-05 RiddleRose: i changed it... i like this one much better. hope you enjoy!

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