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2007-01-28 04:17:58
Flash fiction
For [RiddleRose]'s 100 word Drabbles monthly contest:

Theme: April, a scene between lovers.

“Care to explain why you’re sulking?” He remained stonily silent at the very edge of the bed, facing away. Sitting up, she raised an eyebrow, and reached over to stroke his neck. The hunched shoulders jerked away at her touch and she leant back again, perplexed. “Fine then,” she whispered, nuzzling up against the turned back, “I’ll just have to go to sleep.” Lying down again and closing her eyes she leant into him, letting her breath fall warm on his skin, purposely relaxing against his muscles… and promptly landed on the floor when he suddenly got up. She sighed, loudly. Male PMS, it must be.

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