[nameless]: 512.Stupid girl

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2007-10-09 17:12:09
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she was so smart...   she always did what she wanted...  but she held back her true desires. I wonder why I could never understand her. But I'm the closest one...   I was closer to her then anyone else was. but to me, it wasn't all that close. The pain...  meant distance.  then it stopped. simply, stopped. she moved away, and I moved on. And that is when I realize that she wasn't as smart as I thought she was. She gave it all up. Everything that she said I taught her. all of the memories. when she told me, she asked me to say something. All I could manage was, "stupid girl..."  and that was it. the connection, or what was left of it. It was severed. I never really needed her, and I wont be there for her any more. not after that. So she'll find a new person, and move on. She'll be a better person eventually. She'll change. As long as I'm not there to keep her the same and remind her of her past...   damn...  it's all just stupid.


2006-06-03 iippo: Hmm, I can relate to this, somewhat.
The lack of care in the capital letters bothers me, though.

2006-06-05 nameless: thanks. yeah, thats one of my bad writers habits...   must work on that more. thanks for the comment.

2006-06-07 Stefano: I like it. For me the capital letter issue seems to add to the idea that it's thoughts - reminising. I like it.

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