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2007-02-06 23:07:10
Heartbeat Poetry Free verse Writing Phoenix
Free verse
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Enshrouded in the darkness
The crimson runs down my face
I look around but find nothingness
Lost in a void of pure darkness
With only a light beaming down upon me
Moving with me everywhere I walk

Words echo into the empty continuum
FALLING! My hair rushes upward
Forever falling in this vast darkness
Calm comes over me, yet I still fall.
Suddenly I stop falling and am standing

A crimson light glows weakly in the blankness
I seemingly glide toward it as a vampire.
Each foot closer a heartbeat grows louder
Louder and louder in my mind it beats
I phase through the portal and find myself


Evergrowing is that beat that I hear
In the lushness of this forest I seek it
I run towards the sound that I desire
UMPH! Falling, rolling, tripped down a hill
Slowly I regain footing and I see the source


The heartbeat I hear made visible
I see her as she stands in the field
Beauty in mine eyes I have seen
My presence brings her eyes to mine
We approach each other, heartbeats distinct

We tell each other our journey we've done
We both heard each other's heartbeat
The beating of life within one another
Soon we shall know what is to come

2007-03-09 PhoenixV: so what do you guys think?

2007-05-03 bloody kisses: Hehe, I personally loved it, it had me on the edge of my seat actually...*applauds and leaves a basket of happy lollipops*
*shrugs* Elfy thing i'm too used to...

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