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Veiled Emotions

Shadows are forever
They never leave your side
Even in pure darkness or brightness
They are forever there
Bound forever to my person.

Darkness, that of secrecy.
Hides many things well.
Such things as my emotions.
Those that I'll someday tell.
I lay in darkness until then.

Secret projects in the making
The society of the inane tuned out.
All I see are my hidden emotions.
Ones that I will someday reveal.
Ones that will tell how I feel.

Who's to say when I shall?
Or even how I shall go about it?
The world will know one day
The things that are inside of me.
Hate for one. Love of another.

The hate, instilled in me by their doing.
I await the day I can leave them behind.
God, make me a bird so I can fly far away.
Far enough away that I won't see them.
The last thing I want is their bitching.

The love, oh such love inside of me.
Hidden is it, as is my hate. Inside.
Truly I can say the love for one,
does, in fact, outweigh all the hate of others.
That is all that I shall reveal.

The Day
Partly cloudy sky after a rain
Rays of light shown in the sky
I await the day to see you again
Wondering if I will be your guy

I feel strange inside of me
When I think about you
I can't help but smile with glee
What else is a guy to do

The voice in the hallway I hear
I see her face once again
The harmful feelings inside disappear
I turn happy, there and then.

That fateful day draws nearer
I think about it every day
I imagine how I'd hear her
I know exactly what to say

Time Tells

Here I stand once again.
I await to see her once more.
Out of all in the animal pen,
Is it me that she came to adore?
Only time will tell

Chances Wanted

Thoughts race through my mind.
Happy ones, ones of despair.
Will it be me she wants to find?
If it's not then why even care?
A chance is all that's needed

As You Are

Stuck in my mind.
Hard to forget you.
Even in a bind,
You get me through.
Never change completely.


Floating in the pink void
As my blood runs warm
The presence I enjoyed
It attacks in a swarm
Another victim of love


In this bed I lay
Motionless in thought
I wait for the day
A relationship to be wrought
Quicker I wish it would come

Bleeding Skies, Flooding Mountains, Part 2

Cascading waterfalls of blood
Flowing into the mountain
Slowly eroding the scenary
Bloody lake from a mountain

Bleeding skies flood the rivers
Spewing forth radiant shine
Glistening crimson in the sunlight
Raging darkness in the moonlight

Mountains flood with glorius blood
Flowing rage unleashed upon us
Nothing to hold back the malice
Once peaceful inside of a chalice

Chalice of blood emptied forcefully
Disgusted by such impurity within
The skies, they bleed once again.
Mountains overflow with crimson

Blood settles down its flow
Sticky and dried up it becomes
Sun rises over the mountain
The day begins once more...

Easter Egg

East egg am I
Fake outside shell
Emptiness within
Desirely hunted

Am I egg forgotten?
Lost until years later
Alone with no one searching
Stumbled upon by accident

Picked up and opened
Devoid of any prizes
Yet taken for what I am
Hollow shell with potential

Filled with hearts' desires
Found easiliy once hidden
Toted around like grand prize
Once empty of wants

Now filled with joys


Slam your face with a cheesgrater
Razor-sharp edges it has
Every single pull,
strings of flesh
fall to the floor.
Grating the carotoid,
Blood spewing as a fountain
Cascading droplets fall,
as they ripple the pool
Your dead body falls
Grated tothe bone
Left in the pool of blood,
Poor, dead, little fucker

A Festoon of Black Roses

Crimson is the sky
Power emanating from within
Sadness and hate in a guy
Tears of blood cascading and then...

Emptiness, purged of emotion
Soul has become ennui
Acquiescent? Deny I the notion
For happiness I still pursue

Crimson are my tears
Blood of the soul
Exsiccated it has become
Tearless crying is wrought

Emptiness, purged of love
Hope far away on the horizon
Gone, my angel from above
My cupidity for her shattered

Crimson is the emptiness
Once filled with much
Now purged of all
A festoon of black roses...

To symbolize emotional death

I am Me

I am me
Who else could I be
Can't you see
You disagree
I'm finally free

The look on your face
I cannot erase
I am a disgrace
to the human race
I go my own pace
Get off my case

I watch you go
Your top ready to blow
You don't want to believe so
But I already know
I'm going against your flow

Time flows in the wake
In the midst of an earthquake
A risk that I'll take
So much more at stake
Prove to me it isn't fake
Not just a simple head shake
Explain why you ripple my lake

How can this go on
I am more than your pawn
Cya later by the break of dawn
Too late to catch me when I'm gon
Eyes wide like those of a fawn
Headlights have your attention drawn

Don't even try to cry
I won't understand why
You didn't care why should I
What you said was a lie
Don't explain or try
A facade for wishing me to die

Now that I'm gone
and passed out on the lawn
You can't carry on
Stop faking the cry
It was all a lie
No matter what you try
I'll still be this guy

To this very day
I make my own way
My own rules to obey
Nothing you can say
To change the way I stay

Life Cry

Look at my face
Look into my eyes
Pain I cannot erase
From my cries

But I'll keep rollin' on
In this thing called life

Things come to push & shove
It eats me up inside
Why do you command my love
and other rules to abide

Stay out of my life!
I don't need you anymore!

My heart & my soul
Lost to an angel from above
But I'm stuck in a hole
Lonely Hole of vacant love

Gotta keep strong
Gotta be tough
Bit it is wrong
And I've had enough

I'm breaking apart
Losin my mind
Gone from the start
Away from my kind

I fall down and cry
Asking myself why
Wishing I would die
Stop living this lie

Tell me I'm alright
Tell me I'm fine
Awake all night
Wishin you were mine

Save me from myself
Save me tonight

Pursuit of Love

Somewhere someone wants me
I can feel them calling my name
Somehow I try to look and see
Why must I play this game?

I press pause on the game of love
It's best for me
I thought she was from above
But now I see

It's not to be
No, not with me

I pause to think it through
Is she really worth to persue?
It's only hope to myself
For now, back on the shelf

I pick up a new book
I begin to take a look
Is this the one for me?
I can only hope to be

Lost in my hopes and dreams
On clouds with silver seams
Searching for an Angel, mine
If only I had a show of a sign

Emotional Instability

The feelings I feel
So mixed up inside
Is this even real
My emotions collide

Slowly drifting away
What can I say
Things aren't the way
They used to be

I understand this
You got him back
You I will miss
I fade into black

The emotions still jumbled up
Messed the fuck up
Sometimes I feel crumbled
I cannot look up

I spiral on down
Caught in my Gloom
Found with a frown
Stuck with the doom

Drift even further apart
I still think about you
Don't know when to start
I've lost all my crew

I drift along groups
Ending up alone
Leaving the coops
I'll face it on my own

People using me for food
Other just being crude
Tired of living a lie
Why don't I just die

I am not so mean
As to take my life
Though I may be green
I'll survive my strife

It will never end
In life's special brew
For now I'm just a friend
Who will ALWAYS love you

Bleeding Soul

[note: V# = Verse #]


Tears run down my face
My soul is bleeding once more
Triggered by my self disgrace
It hurts me deeply to the core

The blood of my Soul are my tears
Wounds within my Soul resurface
Bleeding time and time again over the years

Midline 1
I disregard all the ambsace

Only for it to come around again
Keeping me down from my joy
My luck runs out for me right then
Right before my peak. I'm a toy?

Midline 2
Using me as a ragdoll
Hope you enjoy the fall

The blood of my Soul are my tears
Wounds within my Soul resurface
Bleeding time and time again over the years

Pain attached to the memories
They come back to haunt myself
Tried to throw them in the breeze
Kept them locked behind the shelf
Locked away for way too long

Midline 3
Am I just your comforter?
Only there when things seem down?

Hiding all of this and that and then,
I do my best to what I know I can.
I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
But at least you know that I've tried.

The blood of my Soul are my tears
Wounds within my Soul resurface
Bleeding time and time again over the years

As long as you are happy
That is all the matters


[note: V# = Verse #]

The days they go by.
Nothing left to do.
I might as well die.
Would it matter to you?

Things aren't the way the were before
The changes have crushed me to the floor
The shattered pieces they fall.
No matter how many times I rebuild,
The pieces keep on getting drilled.

My life is constantly changing.
The events keep on rearranging.
Rearranging all of my emotions.
Throw myself into one of the oceans.



Staggering, struggling to keep myself from falling.
No matter what I do I can't help but keep calling.
Calling out your name in the dead of the night.
Losing you and all of our memories, what a fright.


I finally awaken from the horrible nightmare
I look around the place for your stare.
Nowhere to be found I lay back down.
I think to myself without making a sound

Chrous X2


If only it were true.
If only just us two.
I'll be alright
For now, goodnight


It's happening again
I can feel it within
The haunting presence
But now I guess it's...

[Taken Control]

It's building up inside of me
Taking control, I strain to see
TODAY!...it hurts me, I've known...

[Sadness quickly has taken me]

I've known it'd happen again
It tugs strongly at the bottom of my heart
I try to shake it away, but then...

[It's taken me and put me up for ransom]

I struggle to make it go away...
The sadness, it wants to stay...
Tears form in my eyes...
It's here again, no surprise...

[The price it desires is you.]

Make it go away from me
Quickly return the happiness
I'm hurting can't you see
It happened just like this =*finger snap*=

Bleeding Skies, Flooding Mountains, Part 1

The skies, they are bleeding
Flooding the mountains' peaks
All the signs seem misleading
It lasts for more than weeks

Mountains, capturing blood
Capturing like a chalice
Overflowing into a raging flood
Unleashed like someone's malice

Rage devises plans of revenge
causing death upon sight
The pain it must avenge
For making it suffer such blight

Blood overflowing into the streets
Flooding the roads it flows
Heart still beating up above
Gushing a leak from unkown

The blood covers it all
Blood falling from the skies
You cannot make it stall
Inevitably everyone dies

Shattered Pieces

Broken pieces of my life
Slowly, I reach for the knife
Take me away from the pain
Help me, before I am slain

I put them back together again
Only to be broken once more

Read somewhere to give away
the broken pieces of my life.
Trying to make sense of the
reflection shown on the knife.

Shattered pieces of my dreams
Laying all around my brokeness
Nothing turns out the way it seems
I don't know what to make of this

Thoughts enter my mind
Some not so very kind
I cannot control my brain
All of this is making me insane!

Going crazy(crazy)
Wanting my dream(nothing more)
My mind is hazy(Oh so unclear)

My destiny has been changed
Time has shuffled itself again
Once again I am rearranged

I pick up the shattered pieces
I throw them all away
The sadness only increases
It has long been this way


I'm sorry I'm not perfect
I do the best that I can

So many unwritten words
I wanna show to you
Too afraid to give them
Only if you want to know

You know who you are
Tell me when, and then
the words will be shown
Nobody but you has known

Known some of the deepest thoughts
Known things that I usually just imagine
Become so close to me, included in my jots
In my papers, my notebooks they're stashed in.

I am the One
Category: Writing and Poetry

I am the One
One wanderer, One searcher.

Looking for the sign.
Far and few inbetween.
Waiting for what's mine.
Bubbling behind the scene.

I am the One
One teenager, with One dream.

Staring at the ceiling
Thinking obscene thoughts
Who does Death's dealing
Depression has its wroughts

Shattered pieces of my life
Picked up and put back together
Learning from all of the strife.
The process never stops, no never.

I am the One
One unstable, One capable

Never give me a gun
No, never not one.
Not while angered
Not while depressed.
Dire consequences if so.


Good and Wicked</b

Hollow is he who cares not
Through him, brokeness is wrought
Pain and affliction by rejection
Death caused by dejection

Honored is he who cares
Uncovering one's unawares
Restored by his kindness
Helping not by blindness

Blindness to other's pain
Blindness to other's neediness
Back into earth, which you came
Death to you and your greediness

Insight to others' afflictions
Insight to others' necessiies
Distinguished by jurisdiction
Rewarded with subsidies

Wicked are the cold hearted
Not caring for the helpless
Look at what has started
Natural selection from this

Good are the kind hearted
Looking out for one another
Helping others to get started
Loving everyone like a brother.


Lurking in the darkness
You aren't able to see
The power that I harness
Unawakened deep inside me

A beast unleashed, standing tall
The power increased, surpassing all
Cowards flee away, bringing in the guns
Still I stay, acting as the one who never runs

Bullets puncture me
Bleeding, falling, unaware
Then the cowards see
You standing there
I protected you
Took the open fire
Nothing you can do
To diminish my desire

Amazingly, I stand on my feet
I turn around, see your face
I revert back, showing former grace
I love you always, that is my treat...

Give Me Back My Life

Look into my eyes.
What do you see?
Tears of my cries?
Whatever they may be.

Give me back my life.

Tears of blood down my cheeks...
Sick and tired of past weeks...

Give me back my life!

Let go of my hand!
I don't need you.
Let go I frikken demand!
I'm not a baby too.
I am way much more
So much you don't understand.
Don't even know the score.
Let me go I frikken demand!

Give me back my life!
You're causing me strife.
Giving me stupid rules
In the end who's the fools?

Fock your curfews!
Fock your expectations!
Not meating my dues.
Exceeding your limitations
Me, hiding like the jews.
Awaiting the liberations.

Year 18 roles around.
I am so far away.
Nowhere to be found
With My Love I'll stay...

Zealot yells 'Xavier's Withered!'
Victorious underlings
The saint's really quaint
Punctured overjoyfully, newfound mine love.
Keep jealousy impaled.
Heaven found gorgeous eyes
Deemed comforting by author.

Two-Part Poem Song Type thing maybe?

---Part 1

Shattered glass lies on the floor
Never been like this before

Hole in my heart

My heart misses your face
You are something I can't erase
Can't erase from my mind
Walking away from my own kind
I seek to be with you

Laying amongst the destruction
Bleeding, thinking of reconstruction

Something's filled my hole

New beginnings arise once more
I have this feeling I've felt before
One that was once forgotten
Once you were brought in
Brought into my own life

You have filled the hole

I stand on my feet
Picking glass from my meat

The time has come

Everything suddenly restored like new
It was as a dream that I never knew

---Part 2

I look and see no cuts on me
I pinch myself, it was a dream, I see

Time to tell you how I feel

Looking for your face
My heart begins to race
This feeling is not new
I know I love you
Do you feel the same

I love you with all my heart

Wondering if you feel the same
Glad that into you life I came

One day you will know
The love I want to show
Started out as a spark
Now a flame brightening the dark
My love burns brightly within

Soon you will come to realize

You brought me from the depths
Taken all the right steps

Do you love me like I do
Please don't make me blue

Deep down I realize
I look into your eyes

Wondering if it is meant to be
You being here with me
Nothing matters anymore
It is you that I adore
Say that you're mine

Come with me

The sky outside is shining
Inside there's so much whining

Come with me

Drama at every which way
I'm pretending to be okay

Come with me

Everything comes into place
Everytime I see your face
You lift the darkness from me
Erase the fog to let me see
I love you, yes it is true
All I've ever wanted is you

Come with me

Follow my footsteps
Stepping in my tracks
Diving into the depths
Smoothing out the cracks
Loving me the way only you could
Caring like everyone else should

Come with me

Staring into your eyes
Getting lost in my dreams
Consoling me during my cries
Halting the continuing streams
Stopping all of my hurts

Come with me

I love you can't you see
Without you I cannot be
I need something in my life
That something is you


There are those who fight
Fighting for what is right
Soldiers on the battlefield
Not knowing who is keeled

Fallen soldiers die in glory
Continuing the American story
Honor to those who've fallen
Preventing people like Stalin

Dying each and every day
Leaving those they love
Saying they'll be okay
Angels overlooking from above

Protecting the returning heroes
The real ones are the fallen
Fallen amongst brothers in arms
Heroes, protecting us from harms


Gray skies loom overhead
Rain falling to the ground
Killing with nothing said
Not even a body to be found

The day you awaken
Act like it is your last
The steps I have taken
You'll realize your past

Everything done unto me
Done unto you tenfold
Running blood you see
Death has its hold

That look on your face
Ever ever in pain
Sick of you, you disgrace
Nothing said, you are slain


I stare into the sky, waiting for a clue
Listening for an answer, looking for a sign

So empty

I stare into my soul, grasping for a reason
Reciting a silent prayer, pondering who I am

So empty

Welcome to the dawn
But the sky is red
Tears of blood touch the ground
Welcome to the dawn
But the sky is black

Where has all the life gone
I stare into the black, oblivious of any love
The darkness of my toments, the forever pain
I stare into time, the abstract lie
Never finding a beginning, knowing there's no end

So empty

Welcome to the dawn
But the sky is red
Tears of blood touch the ground
Welcome to the dawn
But the sky is black

Where has all the life gone
No one can see it, it's not in plain view
I've kept it inside all of my life
There must be something out there to ease the pain
Locked inside for so long
I stare down at my flesh, meaningless in my eyes
Lies and illusions intertwined, neither dead nor alive

Welcome to the dawn
But the sky is red
Tears of blood touch the ground
Welcome to the dawn
But the sky is black

Where has all the life gone

So empty

Dedication Poem

I dedicate this to all the hurt and lonely in the world. All the people who have ever lost their love and will to move on but somehow have managed to stay alive. Happiness and paradise soon to follow after the hardships. Persevere and you will prosper. Everything is testing you for a reason. The purpose of life, is finding your purpose in life, your role, your self-created destiny. Find your purpose and your soul will be set free.

Read and enjoy =)

Sadness and Rage
Quickly overtake gladness
No matter the age.
Thoughts of death and destruction.
Acts of violence and corruption.
Fears nurtured and kindness exploited.
Cold is the heart of hardenned men.
Allowing nothing to be let in.
Nothing to care for but themselves.
Loneliness, the causation of many things.
Insanity, depression and madenned rage.
Cold-hearted and spitefulness.
Homelessness and poverty.
Loneliness, much can be avoided by
Just having someone there for you.
Stress and Depression, Anger and fear.
Everything piling up over the years.
Breaking down, crying without reason.
Things must move on, changing with season.
Love and Compassion. Joy and Courage
Comforting people with simple ideals.
Lies and Deceit. Corruption and Theft.
Protecting yourself, and your steals.
But those who are good at heart,
Those who comfort and listen,
Those who help people when they're down.
Those are the people everybody needs.
Even those people though, get depressed
And need someone of their own to go to.
To help them up, to get them stable once more.

Longing For You

[Song all sung]

Verse One
Staying up late at night
Crying to be with you
Inside is so much fright
Haven't explained myself to you
My feelings locked deep inside
Never once have you heard
What I feel for you

And I'm longing for you
Wishing I could see your face
Just a picture would do
I wanna leave this place
Be right there beside you

Verse Two
Longing for you to know
What I've kept inside
Tomorrow I will go
Calling you to let you know
I love you until the end


Verse Three
Each passing day is worse than before
Breaking down deep inside of me
Crying and longing for you
Tomorrow you will know


Verse Four

Staying up late at night
Crying to be with you
And I'm longing for you
Wishing I could see you
Longing for you to know
What I've kept inside
Tomorrow you will know
I love you until the end

A Date With Death

Fear not, for the time has come

Verse One-(Growling Scream)
Death waits for no one
Take away your fears
For the time has come
Your death cab awaits

You just can't wait
Can't wait for it, yeah
You've got a date
A date with Death

Verse Two-(Singing Scream)-audio ripple effect
I can see it in your eyes
No one else to blame
There is a time everyone dies
Now it is yours which came


Verse Three-(Screaming)
Crossing over into the Afterlife
Taking one last glance
Right before you pass
Death has consumed you


A date with death
A date with death
This is your last breath
Your last breath! [note: breath - screamed short]


Sitting here all alone
Nothing to be said
Feeling dead to the bone
Going crazy inside my head

Save me from me
Before my emotions explode
Can you not see
My world will implode

Please keep me safe
Right here with you
It'll be alright
As long as I see you

I am not okay
Nothing what it seems
Please save me now
Keep me in your dreams

So mentally unstable
You keep me intact
Prventing the broken cable
That is the fact

As long as I see you
It Keeps me in line
Everything is fine
As long as I see you

Broken Pieces

Sing/Rap(Sing/Rap)= Sing what's out of ( )'s and do what's inside ( )'s. What's inside ( )'s starts in the middle of the last word that isn't in ( )'s

Verse One - Sing (Rap)

Can't you see
these wounds are cut so deep (because of you)
they have not healed with time (not with time)
No, I swear I'm not fine (not at all fine)

Verse Two - Rap (Sing)

You took a piece away from me (a piece of my heart)
something that cannot be replaced (a piece of my heart)
All my dreams were erased (all gone away)
Aloneness I hoped to never face (face this pain)

Chorus - Sing (Rap)

Can you find it in your heart (in your soul)
to come back to me (back to me)
and help me with the broken pieces (of my life)

Verse Three - Sing (Rap)

The silver-lining is broken (of all my dreams)
So many words left unspoken (all my desires)
I show my affection as a token (token of pain)rap(sing) this line

Verse Two - Rap (Sing)

You took a piece away from me (a piece of my heart)
something that cannot be replaced (a piece of my heart)
All my dreams were erased (all gone away)
Aloneness I hoped to never face (face this pain)

Chorus - Sing (Rap)

Can you find it in your heart (in your soul)
to come back to me (back to me)
and help me with the broken pieces (of my life)

Verse Four - Rap(Sing)

All the things that I say (love you forever)
True until the day I die (until my grave)
Even then it is fact (I'll still love you)
Never a reality from the start (you broke my heart)

Verse Two - Rap (Sing)

You took a piece away from me (a piece of my heart)
something that cannot be replaced (a piece of my heart)
All my dreams were erased (all gone away)
Aloneness I hoped to never face (face this pain)

Chorus - Sing (Rap)

Can you find it in your heart (in your soul)
to come back to me (back to me)
and help me with the broken pieces (of my life)

Final Line - Sing(Sing)
Remember these words forever(I love you)[Echo]

Distraction Denied

Tick tock goes the clock
Time is turning into my favor
Oooh, the girls after QB jock
My moment will come, one to savor

Knocking the king off his throne
Making this moment into my own
Playing more than just a game
Destroying top dog along with his fame

Emerging from the shadowy grave
Victorious and very much alive
Saying I have my own way to pave
I already did that, new dog will survive

You're no longer distracted by fame
Waking up to your sense you see
I am the one left in this game
No one left around but you and me

Dreams finally unfolding gently
No need for me to drive a Bentley
We are fine just the way we are
When looking for love you didn't look far

Alone I'm Turning Tides

So hollow and alone
Nobody seems to care
Pain down to the bone
my soul tossed in the air

Shattered life into pieces
Gluing it back together
My lifeforce deeply decreases
Life hanging by a tether

Can anyone at all see
Overruled by a tyranny
Not even caring about me
Love, you won't get any

Breaking myself from your grip
Slinking away into the night
Your power is starting to slip
Overruling your shattered might

You cannot even fully comprehend
The extent of my capabilities
Reaching for a hand I don't extend
Making you grovel on your knees
Finally the upperhand is mine

Catching You

What's the feeling again
Empty & alone without you
No matter where I've been
It is you that I still pursue

Like chasing after the wind
I never seem to catch you
Even though I can still pretend
You're in my mind, it's true

I just feel like dying
No wait, that's stupid
Gotta keep on trying
Cause I'm lovestruck by cupid

And then luck pulls through
I see you by my side
It is finally us two
At least I had never died

The Breakaway

How could it be
Why is it true
Why can't you see
I still love you

Turned away from me
Walked alway, rainy night
Tossing dreams into the sea
So alone, hidden fright

What did I do
What can I say
I still love you
Why is it this way

Chase you in the rain
Turn you around to me
Without you is much pain
Tears steaming you can see

You say it isn't me
Then I ask you why
You look at me sadly
You say you will not lie

'I love you' you say
I embrace you tightly
'I'm sorry' you say
I say "I'll cry nightly"

You say you cannot stay
Then you breakway from me
I wonder still to this day
I cry while on hands & knee

No longer are you there
Gone from me forever
At least I know you care
I will only see you never

Love You Always

Sunny days of blue
Rainy days of grey
I still love you
I'll stay that way

Hot days of the Summer
Cold days of the Winter
Heart beats like a drummer
Love is more than a splinter

I love you always
I hope you do too
Kids run in the hallways
After we say 'I do.'

The older I get
The more I love you
I'll tell you before I forget
I'll always think of us two

Hopeful Love Wish

Why is it just me
No one seems to understand
They can't even see
I have the upperhand

I want something more
I am searching for you
Looking for something more
I wish that you only knew

My heart pours for you
Like river that is overflowing
Too bad we are askew
My heart is really glowing

It beats to love once more day
Only to see your lovely face
If only you knew what I could say
I love you and your saving grace

One day you will need someone
I will be right with you
I would even get in front of a gun
If only I could say that you knew

Pictures worth a thousand words
Your beauty is worth a billion
If only we flew with birds
My love hidden like a chameleon

Wish it were just us two
Only you by my side
And then we say I do
Finally you're my bride

Living life together
Nothing could be better
No longer a wandering feather
No, nothing could be better

Runaway Son

Look at me.
What do you see?
An unofficial slave
With the facade of a son?
Here comes the crashing wave.
The plotting has only begun

Anger Steams under my fake self
Once I am knocked over
You don't bother to piut me back on the shelf
Plucked just like a clover
Only to be tossed away
I am already not okay

The hate rises from me
Burning into my heart
I don't know what you see
But the plotting is just the start
Moving so far away from you
Changing my name to nothing you knew

One day you'll look back and regret
Everything that you have done
I am no longer there for fun
Everything I've done wrong made you fret
Turning away from your demands
I am no longer your son, your friend

You are disowned and alone
Rotting away in your mind
Memories dig down to the bone
You think you shoulda been nice.
Waiting on your death bed
I'm not there when it has been said

Buried six feet under
Everything was a blunder
Everything you were expecting of me
Fell apart right in front of you
Dreams shattered that never came true
Nothing is better can't you see

I see your lonely grave
I shattered your headstone to pieces
Never understood why I'd care
I have no respect is a thesis
This thing is for certain
You never understood me behind my curtain

Unexpected Death
Current mood: calm
Category: Writing and Poetry
Blinding Fury ignite flares of grief
Looking for a way out of here
Oh boy, killing you would be a relief
Plotting and waiting year by year

Never understanding all of me
You will never know who I am
A facade of someone you see
The other me blocked up by a dam

Go on and do it now
Pull the plug already
Wipe the sweat from your brow
Hold the gun steady

Blood stained on the walls
Brains splattered on the floor
Thanks for answering my calls
Your death has settled the score

Everything moving along great
Everyone not the same
When I joke they get irate
I'm Acting like it is a game

Everyone mourns your loss
Everyone except me
I party like I'm boss
Smiling with glee

The Party is now over
And I am certainly okay
Wild like four leaf clover
Things are better I say

Suicide Poem

I am dying in my skin
Dripping into the emptyness
Hanging on, trying to win
The void is calling out to me
The closer I drip the harder it pulls
Got me acting all moody
Lying to get away from the fools
When the only fool really is only me

Death is a razorblade away
Deeper cuts hurt the most
Life lingering in the sway
Oh no, I am already toast
Black tunnel fading into Light
Then it goes into the fire
Suicide leads to only blight

Hurt loved ones are mourning
Six feet under is the casket
Unfinished love is still burning
Mama knitting woefully into her basket
Tears roll down loved ones' cheeks
Why did it come down to this
Days roll by quickly forming weeks
One thing is for sure, I am missed


Sitting up all night
Can't get you out of my mind
Losing you would be a fright
Life ever shortened by the grind
Chances are it's not alright

Crashing under the surface
Blades scattered all around
Wrists bleeding into the darkness
Nowhere is hope to be found
Innevitable fate frushing human lives.

Scars, marks of depression and hate
Broken lives glued back together
Lost relationships reborn against fate
Nothing remains the same forever
Anything can be changed in my eyes

You came back to me, love
This love was to be lost
But you came from up above
Now I'll keep you no matter the cost

Plea For Love

What is wrong with me?
I just don't understand
what you don't see.
Looking for something grand.

I may not be sexy
but I love you forever, baby.
I may be average joe,
but at least I am not low.

Please accept me as I am
Without you I cannot live.
So don't tell me to scram.
I am here to give.
My love is for you.
Without you it'll never be the same.
Why can't it be just us two?

Take one last look.
Look straight at me.
"I love you" is all it takes.
There is more than you can see.

Poetry by me

Mysteries are all around
Trying to discover but
Left with nothing to be found
Tired of being in the rut
Keeping myself from going crazy
Everything is becoming a blur
Everything looking very much hazy
Wishing things back to the way they were

Time goes endlessly into infinite space
Nothing holding it back from its flow
While humans are wrapped in the rat race
The race to be number one
The race to be the most powerful
The race means nothing my son

Utter darkness surrounds everything
Light chases away the gloom and doom
Watching time go by as the pendulums swing
Nothing worth to live for in this life
There must be something more to this
So afraid to take the the cut with a knife
Everything fading away from my eyes
A black tunnel opening with a light in the end
Why must you mascarade in all your lies
Maybe when I'm gone you'll realize the pain
Drifting in and out of my consciousness
Crying on your knees once I've been slain

Waking the spirit within myself
Killing time with an unnecessary event
Going against the grain of the people
Take the time to see what I've to present
I sprinkle you with my love up on a steeple
The view off the cliff is so beautiful I cannot speak
Time spent with you is worth more than all the gold in the world
All the fame, the glory, the wealth, I do not seek
Only thing that you can do to me is to cut you off from me

Am I

Am I The One like it seems?
Am I The One in your dreams?
Am I The one you desire?
Am I The One that sets your heart on fire?
Am I The One in your life?
Am I The One for you?
You are the one for me.

Coming through the sky
Going on the fly
Nothing is forever
Chase after the love
Angel from up above.
Love forever, not never.

Staying on the sidelines
Playing by the guidelines
Keeping on the downlow
Taking it real slow
Going around in circles
Things never getting old

Am I The One like it seems?
Am I The One in your dreams?
Am I The one you desire?
Am I The One that sets your heart on fire?
Am I The One in your life?
Am I The One for you?
You are the one for me.
For me, for me, for me.
You finally said yes.

2007-02-14 Falx: Question: Did you ever post anything to the Daily Poem at Elftown?

2007-05-07 bloody kisses: I love your poetry. A lot actually, i just recently lost the one I love - and still love - because of one stupid mistake. Though I guess it didn't help that he called me while I was reading >_< So thank you for comforting me =) in an odd way...but thank you!

You truly are talented. I would love to hear more!

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