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2007-10-29 09:16:34
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1st movement, Of wind

when I lie here on your bed
sleep keeps avoiding me, I don't mind
it's the voices that haunt me
the slow breathing of this house

the wind whispers his stories through the cracks
he tells me of lighthouses
how they sway secretly in the night
and then fall down, and then get up
wade back to their cliffs

2nd movement, Of light

this light that caresses your cheek has come a long way
silently, through the muteness of space
and just as silently my love strokes the back of your palm
just as easily you don't pay attention to it

if I had a voice, as bright as the sunbeam that glitters through the leaves
would I speak up to you,
would I keep it silent

3rd movement, Of water

when he died he went to the river
sat down on the bank and gazed the surface
and he saw all the paper boats
that every boy everywhere had ever made and set to sail
he heard the laughter that the boats carried with them
gathered his gown and took a dive

2007-10-29 Laika: This one focuses on the sounds that change things.

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