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Name: Laura Ahlstedt


Me and my wife on our wedding day, August 18th 2006

Member Type: Writer

I'm writing semi-seriously: some texts only for fun, some because I just have to and some to be hopefully published some day.

Most (all) of the last writings are in Finnish, and most suitable in the pov of Finnish people and culture. I write about the things I know something worth saying about.

Currently I should be working on non-fiction, a 60-100-page paper which concludes my studies as a librarian (oh yes, people go to school for that, and for a good reason), but I feel much more tempted by ~100 poems to be created/edited and sent to a publisher in hopes of being signed.

My texts in English consist mostly of stuff I write for fun. I was told at the Finnish NaNoWriMo IRC-channel to join here, so here I am. Yayness.

I has prizes. õ.õ

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Age: 26Year of birth: 1982Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 29

Gender: both

Working/study place: Turku Polytechnics & University of Turku

Place of living: Turku, Finland

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