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2007-07-31 14:30:09
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First movement - Contrast

if he was a colour
he'd be the fieriest, most sinful and piercing red

a poppy
sitting on the greenest field

Second movement - Calm (before the)

he is only a man
like a sea is only blue
               jade, emerald, turqoise
                teal, petrol, indigo

I sit awake by his bed
listen to the poems he reads
admire silently the fierceness inside him
I know: though his surface is calm now
beneath it dwell restless waters
                                            here there be monsters
                                            with emerald skin, aquamarine eyes

ready to swallow the brave who dare
to sail further than the charts can lead

I'm not afraid, I want to drown

Third movement - Colourblind

I sat by his bed like I'd done
every night for weeks
holding his pale hand, translucent skin
blue veins forming a network of roads
my tongue wanted to travel, to get lost

he whispered through his paleness:
all his dreams are only white
there are no colours anymore
I let go of his hand
pressed a kiss on his brow and walked away
knowing it would be the last time I'd see him alive


I read his note once more
the trembling network formed by gray lines
on a sheet scented with opium
I see colours again, he wrote,
and they're brighter than I can stand

2007-07-31 Laika: Too cryptic? I hope not. ^^'

2007-07-31 Kiddalee: Bah. In my opinion, it's okay to have cryptic parts as long as the poem is beautiful and/or interesting.

2007-08-01 Laika: Cryptic is good, too cryptic is not. ö.ö

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