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About the Ads

In order to keep Writersco up and running, we partially fund it with income from Google text ads. Google finds pages containing text that appears relevent to the text on the Writersco page you are looking at, and displays links in specified areas.

Because Google searches out and creates the ads for us, the ads on Writersco do not always link to sites which Writersco or its staff condone or agree with. For example, some of the ads for online writing contests may lead to scams. Always evaluate each site before believing what it claims to offer, or posting your work there! Always read, understand, and evaluate the terms and conditions, and other legal policies, of every site where your work might be displayed!

Get suspicious if the legal policies are hard to find, or not displayed at all. Also get suspicious if the contact information seems unrealistic, or a website does not offer email contact.

By the way, our legal stuff is at Terms and Conditions.

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