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Arena FAQ


Most of these questions were really asked in the Elftown version of this activity. Most repeatedly. Others were simply anticipated from this site. In any case, do glance through this list before repeating them.


How do I submit my poem?
Read Submit Your Poems. It'll walk you through it there.

I read Submit Your Poems, but it's not there/I didn't see it! D:
It's there. Stop skimming and start reading.

I don't know how to edit a wiki-page....
Help will walk you through that.

Do we get prize-badges?
This remains to be seen, at this point, but chances are good.

Can I help?
Maybe. Prospective mods should be dependable above all else. This includes having reliable access to Writersco for at least fifteen minutes every Sunday. If you think that you can handle that, contact [Annie] or [Calann] for more info, and thanks!

I think that [x] is soliciting votes! What do I do?
What you just did, thank you. Just message a PDA mod. We won't create bad feelings by publically stating who made the report, so don't worry about upsetting anyone. Also: suspected vote-solicitors are innocent until proven guilty.

Is this related to Elftown's "Eltown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena"?
Yes. It seemed like a good activity for the Writersco community. This page wasn't written until it had the Elftown page's owner's full permission.

If we're banned there, can we still participate here?
Sure thing. You don't have a blank slate, serious, proven offense, and you're gone.

What if my poem fits more than one category?
Choose the one you want it in most. Remember that a poem is only allowed to be submitted once.

I still can't decide...!
Contact an Arena Mod, who will set it up for you. In all likelihood the Mod will place your poem in the fitting category with the least entries in its queue.

Why isn't my name on the dueling page with my poem?
This is to facilitate fair voting by eliminating bias.

A) Why do I have to have a writings page with my poem? B) And why are whole poems listed on the dueling page instead of just the links?
A) Future reference, and so others can flock to your page.
B) Again, to eliminate bias since the links contain your member number.

These categories suck. Can we get a [new category]?
Possibly! Message a Mod with your category idea and we'll talk it over. You'll even be credited if it works!

I found a typo or discrepancy somewhere in the Arena. Can I have the password to fix it?
Nope. Contact a Mod with where you found it and we'll fix it for you.

Can I vote for my own poem?
We discourage that, but yes you can.

I didn't receive notification for a win/loss/tie/duel. Whose butt do I kick?
No one's. Message [Annie] or [Calann].

(X Category) isn't being updated! What do I do?
If a category hasn't been updated by the Monday following the date the duel ended, message one of the other Arena Mods.

You talk a lot.
I get asked a lot of questions.


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