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The categories are as follows. If the titles aren't intuitive, read About the Categories for more info!

-Civilization: Poetry using images and themes of humanity's achievements - cities, roads, technology, and the like.

-Natural: Poetry with nature images... trees, sunsets, creatures, and such.

-Intangible: Poetry with abstract and non-physical concepts... love, hate, fear, that sort of thing.

More categories may be added as needed, or taken away. Note that free verse poetry is also allowed in any other category, provided it fits the subject matter.


This is the page set aside for poetry submissions, obviously. There are a few conventions to pay attention to here!

1. Upload your poem to WritersCo, in your writings. If you don't know how to do this, get help. Please do not upload an actual text file, though... it will make it easier on everyone if your poem appears as plain text. If you have questions, ask [Calann] or [Annie].

2. Post your submission below the indicated line, using the following format. The Arena mods will move it to the proper queue after it has been approved.

Poet: [username]
Poem's title:
Status: To be evaluated
Poem: [link to your poem]

3. Await notification!


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2008-07-08 [AuroraLumos]: heehee I tried. Not too good but it's the best my brain could come up with for the moment. I'll think of something for the other catagories soon... maybe XD if my brain decides to get in gear!

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