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[Ash]'s 30 Characters in 30 Days Page

How this page works:
Click to enlarge the pics! All characters are my own! If you want to use one please contact me!

Character One: The Pumpkins Three


Character Two: Moon


Character Three: Jack


Character Four: Sun


Character Five: PNG-049A


Character Six: The Sock Monster


Character Seven: Drawing Girl


Character Eight: Lin


Character Nine: Vamp-Nip


Character Ten: Jerry


Character Eleven: Baggette


Character Twelve: Don Bugsy


Character Thirteen: The River Spirit


Character Fourteen: Masquraide


Character Fifteen: IM


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2010-11-11 [Annie]: Turning out great! I love Moon!

2010-11-11 [Ash]: Thanks, she's my favorite so far. :)

2010-11-13 [Annie]: Loving Lin!

2010-11-13 [Ash]: Lin is one of my favorites, I'm thinking of making one or more of the characters to her story. Maybe next year she can be NaNo... who knows?

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