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2008-07-21 15:31:45
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Civilization Dueling Chamber


Poetry Dueling Arena



I watched the cocoon this weekend
Its eyes followed me
From one step to the next

  A sage in my living room

Its eyes met me whenever I returned
As if they had been waiting
On the door I would enter

Why doesn’t it make sound?
It only watches
Is never surprised

I glance
At the little wrinkles
Under each swollen eye
 The big marble countries in each eye

And when she calls and asks
How was he today?
I always say

Beckon Me Not

The sound of the city,
It beckons me towards its doors.
I reach the dark looming gate,
The pull is irresistible

But the memories are strong.

The city I never thought I’d come to again,
In all my years walking the earth
It still managed to call me back.

Resistance is futile,
Escape is impossible
I have walked through the gates,
Beckon me
Beckon me
No more.


130) Does one beckon you or do you say good? (Administrator: [Annie])

Number of voters: 5
* a) Cocoons
Number of votes: 3 (60%)

* b) Beckon Me Not
Number of votes: 2 (40%)


Poetry Dueling Arena


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2008-08-05 [AuroraLumos]: *sniffles* there are no votes :(

2008-08-05 [Calann]: This happens occasionally - or, rather, a bit too often for my tastes. It is rather frustrating.

2008-08-06 [Annie]: Maybe my joke wasn't good enough...

2008-08-06 [AuroraLumos]: I think it's good... I'll go shout for people to vote on the shoutbox... because no votes is silly ><

2008-08-16 [AuroraLumos]: it's supposed to end tomorrow >.< my shouting obviously wasn't good enough. I shall message every one to vote. because this contest is null without voters! and we needs them we do! (and I can't vote... because I can't vote for myself because that's silly, and I can't vote for the other poem because I would like to win... even if I think the other poem's better XD)

2008-08-18 [Annie]: Yep...I know what you mean exactly. :P

2008-08-19 [AuroraLumos]: XD

2008-09-03 [AuroraLumos]: whoot! votes ^_^

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