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2006-01-17 15:08:03
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WritersCo would not be how it is without all the help from its members and members of other communities such as Elftown. So as a big thank you to them, this wiki-page has been created.


Thanks go to:

-[Hedda]: who created the Community for us.
-[Kaimee]: For creating the original 'Official' banners and dividers for 'official' pages, and helping us work through some great ideas.
-[Itayyam]: Who created the first WritersCo logo.
-[Font]: For his 'how to' pages from Elftown.
-[Shanra]: For all her wiki-page editing skills and all the secret stuff.
-[Nightshadow]: Who created the side border and winner of the Front Page image contest.
-[pixie_shimmer] Who created the new look banners

If we have forgotten someone please let us know.


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