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Cyber Eyes

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[Evolution X]
It was raining. It nearly always rained in the big cities, exhaust fumes from the overheating car engines choked the sky and dropped toxic rain onto the people below. That is, if there had been any people below the cloud covered sky; with the acidic rain able to strip paint on the worst days the markets and walk ways had moved underground, relying on the massive works of guttering and purifying systems separating them from the drops of death above.

The underground was made of steel and concrete, nearly twenty feet below the streets above. The lights below in the crowded hallways were an illuminating Yellow and Green mix, rotating between them in a line about four feet up on the wall. It was nicer then when they had the overhead lights on. The over head lights were blinding at points, made to resemble the sun they were fixed into the ceiling on the corridors.

The main hallway, filled with homeless, merchants, guys wooing girls, and children skipping was bleak. When the rain started to pour it was as if life had lost color except for Yellow, Green and Grey which most wore. Any other colors meant you were usually a rebel or dangerous to the cause of protecting the people from untimely doom.

[Evolution X]
There were those considered even more dangerous than the rebels, those who pretended to be normal folk with normal jobs and normal lives. While rebels tried to destroy technology, ridding the cities of the toxic smog above by destroying anything that would emit the harmful gasses; there were some people who were not considered "people", these people did not need to rely on the paths below the floor or the vehicles above. These non-people were immune to the deadly rain and could move about without any hesitation or hindrance; they looked just like ordinary people in their clothes of green, grey and yellow, but they had their own secret plans which made them so dangerous to the Government trying to keep the people in check.

These people were known as Cyber Eyes. An advanced technology implanted into them at birth, Cyber Eyes had just that, cybernetic eyes, skin, hair, everything. Created just under four years ago the Cyber Eyes have become the silent enemy of the human race, killing in mass amounts with unfamiliar methods; pumping of water into lungs, suicidal hallucinations, and the ability to adsorb and release the toxic rain. They only attacked on the surface though.

There are approximately 100 Cyber Eyes in existence as they can not reproduce with each other, only spend years creating more and more. In the beginning there was one created by a mad scientist who wanted a blushing bride. She turned instead revealing the computers want over the human body and soul.

[Evolution X]
That is of course, one of the millions of rumours about how Cyber Eyes came into existance, though it is one of the most widely believed. Over the years the Cyber Eyes have been known of they have become a scape goat for every unexplained death or disaster, their strange origins and secretive manour easily explaining away even the oddest of deaths. In order to take down this threat to everyday life and peace as the masses know it, the Government has started their own special forces to eliminate the Cyber Eye menace; this so called "Tin Army" division was specially trained to take out the Cyber Eyes, they had superiourity over all other law forces and could shut down an entire investigation with a single word.

However this story does not start with a rebel or a member of the Tin Army, not even with one of the hidden Cyber Eyes; this story starts with a normal man, one of the green, grey and yellow clad members of the public. His name is Nyto Polari, he lives at 296 Judge Street, and he's running home in the flashing lights of the rain warning because his boss worked him late again.

Nyto Polari was a tall man to some standards, and to others short, that is to say he was medium in height to most. Today he was short being yelled at by the world's largest and meanest man. He stood their apologizing, he had to wait to get through security. The boss was having none of it.

"I say... If you are late one... more... time... YOU'RE FIRED!" The man in the black business suit screamed. It disturbed the other workers something firece, and they themselves were making a note to come in on time. "Now! Get out of my sights!"

[Evolution X]
'It isn't fair!' Nyto could have screamed as he calmly closed the office door behind him and pulled his bag higher on his shoulder 'It's not like he was early; and at least I had an excuse! Rebels send another fire shuttle into the rush hour and I can't get a cab for love or money; and then what happens? The damn thing blows up and drops a carrier onto the roof.' Nyto was walking along President Avenue now, the long way around to Judge Street; he glanced back over his shoulder at the water tight seals blocking off three streets. 'Damn rebels' he thought as he trudged along in the flashing rain warning lights.

Making his way slowly down to the elevator he was closed in with others rushing to seek protection. The doors closed and the fixture began dropping quickly. It stopped softly, everyone made their way out including Nyto who turned right and began to head to a local vendor's.

'What a great day...' He thought sarcastically. 'Nearly get fired, rain and now... Shit I've been pick pocketed!' He began patting down his pants and couldn't find his wallet that had almost all the money to his name on it. Nyto quitting trying anything for the day through himself down against a wall and sat there, staring at the people walking by. Suddenly, as if by sheer luck, his wallet fell into his lap.

[Evolution X]
Nyto stared down at the wallet in his lap as if it was going to bite him, snatching it up after a moment before anyone else had the time to take it. 'Thank you Karma!' he almost screamed as he flicked through the contents; the money was all there along with the cards and his key card to get into his house. This almost depressed Nyto, it was almost as if the robber had considered his stuff not worth taking; alright Nyto didn't have much money in here but why was a pickpocket pitying him?

Nyto sighed and stood up, making his way over to the fast food store; as he flicked through the notes for a fifth time he noticed something was missing from his wallet. His identity card had been cut out of it's slot; which was weird since it had his picture and fingerprints on it and no one else could use it to pretend to be him. Shrugging he considered applying for a new one on the weekend as he began to pull out his money for a burger.

Nyto pulled out a the exact money and waited in line for food. It was only a minute or so then he was at the front calmly ordering. One burger with everything, just like normal. He paid taking his food and left for the small set of tables in the middle of the food court area.

Eating he began to think more on the card. Didn't they know that they couldn't use it or was someone just making him go through more hassle. That was it; someone hated him and wanted to make him waste six hours on Saturday waiting in line for a new ID. The world was conspiring on him.

[Evolution X]
Nyto took several large bites from his burger, he was starving because he'd worked through lunch just to make up for being late. His wallet still troubled him though; if someone was just being an ass to him then why would they even bother to give it back? He twirled the leatherbound wallet for a second before it hit him; his head jerked up as his eyes began to scan the crowd. Who ever had dropped it back into his lap could have been one of a hundred people passing at the moment; who ever they were by this time they'd already be gone.

Sighing slightly to himself Nyto bit down onto the last of his burger, tucking the wallet away and chucking the wrapper away; he licked his fingers lightly before wiping them on his shirt. He glanced around again, dug his wallet deeper into his pocket so it didn't get pinched again, and walked out into the main stream of walkers. He blended into the others perfectly, trying to figure his way back to Judge Street in the confusing mass.

As usual, when he found the elevator up to Judge street there was a red alert. Rain had gotten into the system and it needed to be drained and dried before operational. A ten minute process. While that was going on the crowd around the elevator diminished, people taking other routes up to their homes.

Finally the elevator was green lighted and the doors opened, heated air rushed out and hit their skin causing a slight burning sensation that dwindled away as the vents kicked on. Nyto stepped on to the elevator and was soon stuck at the back. The doors closed; jerking the elevator rose and jerked again for a stop. The doors opened and the people filed out as did Nyto.

[Evolution X]
'This place is falling to pieces' Nyto sighed mentally as he glanced around at the streets, walking along the pre-set path in his mind that would deposit him at Judge Street 'The Government should do something about it before we get daily floods.'

As he sauntered down the lines of ceiling high apartment towers his brow began to slowly crease; something was different about his walk today, and surely some of his usual paths had been blocked off by that truck cracking the roof. He spun around quickly, trying desperately to find a street name. Minister Boulevard! That was three levels below his own house! He must have been so preoccupied with his missing identity card that he had gotten out at the wrong level. Groaning unhappily he began the long trek back to the elevator.

When he got back there however he could only stare in disbelief as a large muscled enforcer of the law blocked his way. When someone in the gathering crowd got the courage up to ask why the elevators were out of order the officer simply stated "We think there has been some Cyber Eye activity in the shaft, it is currently flooding faster than it can be disposed of; it's lucky that last lot didn't drown in rain."

'Cyber eyes...' Nyto thought to himself as pressing he made it out of the crowd to watch the events unfold safely. The crowd before him moshing at the words, interested in the death bringer. 'Well, I'll be... Cyber Eyes.'

Nyto was suddenly hit in the back by a group of people heading towards the crowd. He felt weird, as if something was deposited. He checked himslef, there in his back pocket an ID had been deposited. It was his ID, his picture, and his thumb print. Nyto looked up and tried to find someone who would have given it back but couldn't see anyone. 'What a day.' He said shoving the card back into the pocket.

[Evolution X]
By this point paranoia was setting in; first his wallet had been stolen, then given back with everything except the ID badge. Now he even found the ID badge planted back on him; either someone was messing with his head or Nyto was going crazy from stress at work. He scratched at the back of his neck as a prickle of electricity went up it, something felt strange about today but he didn't know what; all he knew was that he wanted to get home as soon as he could and have a drink of something strong. He glanced back at the crowd surrounding the lifts, it was clear he wasn't going back that way. Of course... there was always the stairs.

The stairs were simply that, a large of spiral staircase in the center of the levels which went up and down; it was hardly the fastest way to travel, or the safest considering the fact if you slipped you might not stop until the bottom and the stairs weren't serviced much because of it's lack of use. Nyto walked along the streets, gazing up at the spire waiting in the middle of the city; knowing his luck today he'd slip and fall a few stairs, then manage to get stop in a doorway completely fine.

Slowly the bottom of his shoes hit each step carefully, it was a while to the top of the rusty, barely used staircase. There was only two other people on the stairs; both coming down without fault. As he ascended, he peered through the opening of each stair, gazing through to see the people crowding and dashing to get to their destinations.

One flight completed. As Nyto started on the next flight he wondered why stairs had gone out of fashion, left to the energetic, then he felt it in his tired knees. Nyto with all the accommodations of the technological world had become lacking in specific movements. There it was, second flight over with. One more to go.

[Evolution X]
By now the wonderings of why excercise had gone to the dogs had dissapeared, the heavy breathing and uncomforatable sweat breaking out all over told Nyto quite clearly why no one liked taking the stairs. His own groans joined those of the dirty orange rusted stairs as he climbed higher and higher, with each step his muscles protested and his head throbbed. He really just needed to get home and sleep. He glanced at the side of the wall as he noted how far up he'd traveled; half way there, almost to his floor.

His weary feet finally planted themselves on his own floor; Nyto almost felt like kissing the floor in relief, he hadn't fallen. Instead of bowing down to pay thanks to the concrete beneath his feet he decided to get as far away from the stairs as he could, walking off and wincing with each step as he head back off to his home.

296 Judge street was as bleak as the surrounding dwellings. Large and grey, the paint worn of by the tarnishing rain, an empty box for Nyto to sound his disapproval at the world. He pulled his wallet out and fumbled to pull the key card out for his residence. Upon doing so he place the bar code to the door slot and the laser eye read the moving code, a green light showing the door swung open and the house welcomed it's owner. The anamtronic voice blurted "Welcome home Nyto."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Nyto growled. Stepping in Nyto flung his shoes off, kicking them to their home by the door and walked in, his socks sweaty and smelling profusely. He quickly hopped over to the automatic clothes washer and peeled them off. He opened the lid of the small basket and shoved them in. Slamming the top he set the stage to 'Full Wash and Dry'. The machine buzzed for a second and kicked on. He flung himself down in his favorite chair and stared at the machine waiting for something to happen.

[Evolution X]
Stretching out in his seat, Nyto began to take long deep yawns every few moments as he waited for his socks to finish washing. When the machine rumbled to a stop he got up carefully and made his way over to it; he opened the door of the washer, steam rolled up past him and filled the room with warmth. He picked out his dry socks and went back to his chair, putting them back on slowly and leaning back onto the comfy chair.In a second the humidity of the room had knocked Nyto out cold, slumping over where he sat as if he'd been hit by a truck.

He snored softly as he lay collapsed on the sofa; he didn't know how long he sat there. All he knew was that he was awoken by a slamming of fists at the door; he jerked up and glared blearily at the door as it trembled under the pounding. Getting up he started to walk unsteadily towards the door; he peered through the peep hole, there were people with uniforms on the other side... but he didn't recognise what part of the police they were from.

Figuring they must be some new department Nyto opened the door wearily and said hello to the strangers on the other side of his door frame. The first person took his shoulder and pointed a laser in his face forcing him back against a wall. The others moved in past and began searching the house. "What's going on? Where's the search warrant?"

Angrily Nyto began cursing at the guard until the guard charged his laser up, the buzzing quickly over powering the simple office worker. "Are you the real Nyto?"

"Real Nyto? I'm the only Nyto!" The men quickly came back, each one yelling clear and standing around in a threatening pose, back straight and arms raised holding a laser. The man holding Nyto raise a specialty badge reading 'Control to Protect' and lowered the badge. "Nyto Polari, you'll have to come with us."

[Evolution X]
It wasn't exactly as if Nyto had any choice, as the suction like bag tightened around his hands and locked them both in place with a strong vaccume. He was lead along by a rope like a donkey, almost dragged back down the corridor to the elevator shaft. It was a tight squeeze inside the compartment, the soft tinkling of nerve stripping elevator music filled Nyto's ears as armour clad bodies pushed at him from all sides. Why were these people doing this? What did they mean "The real Nyto"? What sort of people could force their way into someone's house, abduct them from their homes and drag them away in cuffs? Why did this feel like it had something to do with his wal-

Nyto was nearly jerked off his feet as the rope was yanked hard to get him to move, stumbling forward and staring out at the vehicle. An indoor transport? These guys were big, indoor transports were rare even to the government; most ships were so thick hulled that they'd scrape the street sides. Nyto was interupted again as he was tossed heavily into the back of the transport, slamming hard into the metal floor and groaning as the light was cut out by the heavy slam of doors.

His first instinct was to bang against the walls but then the idea made him feel childish. He simply sat and waited, his knees bent and legs-crossed. An elbow on his knee propping up his head. He saw nothing in the darkness, so he began to talk to himself. "You know... at first it was a shitty day... then it was even worse, then it got better, worse and then really worse..."

[Evolution X]
An evil, wheezy cackle filled the air; it wasn't a friendly laugh "Oh believe me boy, it's about to be worse." Nyto's face was pressed against the floor with a sudden violent jolt as the engines started up, the roar of engines beneath told Nyto that where ever he was going he was off. He twisted over and blinked his eyes until they started to become used to the dark; no one else was in the roomy dark transport, a slot at the front was the only source of light.

Nyto shuffled forward and slammed himself bodily against the opposite wall, pressing his face against tiny hole to the outside world "W-what's happening! Where are you taking me?!"

"Shut up" was the only responce he got before the fist knocked him back against the floor again and the last spark of light was extinguished with a slam of metal. Nyto was left in the dark; he couldn't tell if he was unconsious or simply in the dark. All he could do is wait.

It was hours later, after Nyto had drifted off into some type of restless dreaming that he awoke to the sound of a baton hitting the outside of his container. The same unfriendly voice chuckled into his cell, "wake up, you're here."

"Here where?" Nyto asked groggily. The cabin opened up to the blinding desert sun. He didn't know that the sun was that bright. He sat up and climbed out holding his hands above his eyes trying to find out where he is.

"No gawking!" Nyto was his swiftly in the stomach by a large man in a protective suit. He fell over on the ground uneasily and craddle his stomach carefully. From his lips he spat out a small amount of blood. "That'll teach you, damn rebel."

[Evolution X]
The reply was intended to be "Rebel?! What are you talking about?! Where am I!?" what it emerged as however was a deep hiss, followed by a hacking cough that shook his entire body. He took several small breaths, like a flopping fish on the ground as he panted in oxygen. There was SAND, sand for miles around; you couldn't go on the surface otherwise you'd get melted in half by the rain.

"Welcome to the great filter" the guard whispered softly, taking heavy and determined steps; every time he stood still for too long his boots began to sink, but when he slammed his feet down the sand was solid. "This is where we clean the water system, fifteen miles of sand in every direction is your only way out" the guard chuckled as Nyto began to sit up slowly, his body was sinking slightly but he'd hit the ground so hard he had only just started descending "Better hope you learn how to run, and quickly." With that he left, each footstep heavy and determined; the hovering transport had no problem with this oozing surface, and the spec in the distance soon dissapeared with the only ride out of the filter.

Nyto experiance a clam for a second or two and just stare omniously in the direction the transport had abandonded him. He could run that way, but he didn't know if they'd just catch him and put him back. He could run in the opposite way, but they could have lied and it could be thirty miles or more of sand. He sighed heavily and ran a hand smoothly from his hair and gathered his wits around to let out one single, well thought out exclaimation: "Fuck!"

It echoed through the barren lands and left him feeling lost and hopeless until he felt something hard hit the back of his head. He turned around and saw something moving beneath a large pile of sand. Slowly the sand lifted up. At first it was a hand, followed by an arm, followed by an entire body in the push-up position. A young girl in messy street clothes stood up and looked at him coughing up sand. "You're noisy, guy."

[Evolution X]
The next string of expletives and screams of terror was only interupted when the girl clamped a hand over Nyto's mouth to silence the petrified sounds. "Correction, you're very noisy" she said, raising an eyebrow at Nyto as he kept trying to yell past her hand "Come on... you don't want to die out here do you?"

Now that Nyro had time in his busy schedule of garbled curse words and exclamations of false truths, he took notice of the fact the little sand girl appeared to be in the filthy remains of a city dweller uniform; dirt blurred the colour but there was green still under there. She was quite thin, but from the grip she currently had over his mouth she wasn't weak in the least, and her sandy blonde haired head only just reached Nyto's shoulder. At the rememberence of sand he lifted his leg, grunting at the difficulty of freeing it from the sand trap he'd been tossed into; in mere seconds his right boot was claimed by the fathomless, shifting depths.

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2008-09-10 [Ash]: Quick quary! Is he going home or back to work?

2008-09-11 [Evolution X]: home, I said he lived on Judge street remember.

2008-09-12 [Ash]: Nope... *hits self for not reading back*

2008-10-05 [Ash]: You used perin again, it's Nyto here.

2008-10-05 [Evolution X]: GAH! STUPID BRAIN! *slams my head on the floor.

2008-10-06 [Ash]: Hehehehe....

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