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Name: There's... just too many to tell

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Greetings people!
I am the mighty Evo, writer of stories and dispencer of insanity... I am rather strange. I originally came from Elftown so some of you may recognise me from there from the same username; yes Im still as odd.
I enjoy writing, I have a small mixture of short stories and one long one which I hope to be posting on here soon.
I am interested in talking to publishers, not neccessarily to actually sell my stories or ideas but just to talk about the entire process.
I like to talk, and I pray that every single one of the people on here does not abuse their knowledge of language otherwise I wont reply.
I like talking and making friends... I will be strange at times but I hope you can deal with that. ^+^
Writers I like:
Terry Pratchett
Eoin Colfer
Garth Nix.
I also enjoy the writings of Alan Alda, Ronnie Barker, the Monty Python team and the screen writer for the Doctor Who episode "Hollow Child", who I consider to have a very recognisable style of writing.
Yes, I enjoy comedy but there are parts of me that enjoy those dark and hidden parts of the human mind. Be warned, if anyone requests a very scary story they may find themselves on the end of something more than slightly disturbing and twisted...
Dont be worried though... Im a nice guy. ^_^ Talk to me! PLEASE!

I... uhhhhh... got this much in the five words contest.

Age: 17Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 11

Gender: male

Place of living: Wales

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