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Free to Write Guide


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In alliance to Flipside, this wiki has the purpose to help those with more adult tastes in their writings.


It's easy to become an FTW member; simply add your name to Free to Write Allies and get going. Please keep in mind that you must have your name on that list in order to host any contests here.

Becoming a member of FTW means being active in the events and participating in contests, either by running in them or by hosting a few yourself. Everyone, members and guests alike, are to behave smartly and politely. Treat others with respect and don't be mean. If harassment occurs, first a warning, then a ban.

I'll request that all FTW members have all pages watched, so they get to know any changes that occur. Please include this page.


Contest Hosting

[Mister Saint] has it down pretty well.

The whole point of FTW is the contests! The aim of our contest section is to use small-scale, themed contests to improve our writing skills while having a bit of fun and competition too. Only FTW members are allowed to host contests here; we insist because it's imperative that contest hosts don't back out or lowball anybody out of a win. Contest hosts are expected to be impartial and unbiased, as much as possible. Once you are a member, check to see if your contest follows the basic rules of contest hosting (which appear here and on the the Free to Write Contest Section). And now, a list!

1. No racist/sexist/anti-religion themes. Now, it is just fine for characters to possess these traits, but not contest themes. For example, you could not host the 'Muslims are assholes' contest or the 'Men are the devil' contest. Individual cases may be addressed by [Emily] or by poll if need be.

2. Contests can be of themes with strong sexual and violent scenes, here (but not at Flipside!). Profanity can be used openly in stories/poems/etc. for contests, but please do not use profanity when describing the contest.

3. Contests must be fair and unbiased. Hosts are expected to give every entrant the same opportunity as the others. No favoritism, please.

4. FTW hosts poetry as well as writing contests.

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