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Get Your Stuff On The News


Do you have a wiki or forum that has great potential to tie this community together? Well, now you can have it on the news. Read the specs below to make sure your project fits, and then apply to the news. For questions or comments, try the forums or contact [Kiddalee].

UPDATE! The specs to get your stuff on the news have now loosened up to allow single contests, especially, but not limited to, perpetual ones (such as monthly or weekly contests). Whoo!

What We Are Looking For
• Contests, especially those which are expected to renew and not die.
• Contest groups, or themed contest sections.
• Private forums that have a lot specifically to do with writing (or reading).
• Wikis organising a large or serious project that isn't expected to die.
• Book clubs.
• Well organised role-playing groups that aren't expected to die.
• Resource or database wikis that members may not have to contribute to all the time, but are ongoing and will benefit Writersco in the long run.
• Wikis that the members have to contribute a lot to in order to benefit from, but make this easy to do.

What We Are Not Looking For
• Wikis in which one/few persons are expected to do all the work (besides leadership/administration) (of course, if you've just started the wiki, you may be doing all the work at first; this rule applies to wikis in which the work will remain one/few persons' job).
• Wikis whose only growing potential is in their members list.
• Wikis that have nothing to do with writing. Though a craft group may have lots of potential to bring folks together, Writersco is focused on writing.
• Extremely simple games that really don't help the players get to know each other.
• Subpages of projects that have already been advertised, or forums whose only purpose is to serve projects already advertised (you should advertise the main page or forum of a project and then go from there).


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