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How can I become staff?

The Staff of WritersCo are responsible for looking after the community, making sure it runs smoothly and helping those who seek help. As all volunteers who become staff know, it is essential that you are familiar with this type of community, have experience using the forums, and the wiki pages.

We also like people who enjoy being friendly and being approachable is an asset. We also look for loyalty and trustworthiness, people who can work well in a team and have great communication skills. You should strive to be a champion of 'customer relations'.

The best way to become a member of staff is to work around the community, help out where help is required, and offer valuable suggestions. This way you will gain the experience that you need to be a great member of the WC crew. With each position there will be specific requirements, which will be released when a position is avaliable.

Though to let you all know, being staff is hard work and we expect you to do the work, if you can't then there is not much point even considering.

If you think you can handle a position at WritersCo and join our team, post an application at apply to the crew

Basic Requirements:

» To be able to create wiki pages that are presented well and are easy to navigate.
» To have a basic understanding of the Heddate forum system so that you can keep up to date with WritersCo.
» An interest in reading/writing and communities is desirable.


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