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Here you will find any details of positions that are currently vacant. We will provide a brief description of that role, and any specific requirements that that role dictates. If you are interested in volunteering to work around WritersCo keep an eye on this page as we will often add news of posts we need help with.

If you see a position that you are interested in, have a read at the description and requirements for that role. if you have any further questions you can ask a member of that section, or the section Boss.

Details of where applications should be sent will be listed with the position.


Current Vacancies
- Member Boss and Writing Boss Applications to - Font
If you have any questions about this role, ask [Font]
- Admin Mods  Applications to - NightShadow
If you have any questions about this role, ask [Nightshadow]
- Writing Staff and member staff volunteers are also welcome, please message [Font] with your experience, and/or ideas suggestions you have that could help the community.

All volunteers are welcome, if you want to help, but can't think of where you'd fit in, send [Font] a message and we will suggest some areas that might interest you.


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