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The Lamenting Stone

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Her brow was cold and pale; the size of it making the temperature hit her as hard as possible. Hair of gold that had lost it's color flowing over the sides led one down the thin face of an angel. She stood still, her gown of silver moving in the winds of the darkened skies. Her name, the simple and beautiful Jalousie of Decatur.

[Evolution X]
Jalousie clutched at the glittering threads of her dress, pulling them closer to her as the chill of the night wind seeped in like a sadists knife. She turned her eyes from the skies sprawling above to the countryside which lay beneath her high viewpoint as if she was merely glancing down at a map and not the entire kingdom. Another eddie of night air swirled around the prone figure standing high, the silver dress catching and dancing out to sparkle; at one moment for anyone glancing heavenward, there was an extra star in the sky.

Stepping slowly on the dew soaked ground, her slippers of silver material adsorbed the dew, causing shocks of cold in her legs. The star began moving towards her home. Home of Jalousie was a large lonely room apart from the real world where she wanted to live in perfection with the fauna and the animals. Blowing spikes through her body, the wind continued as assaulting the poor maiden leaving her stun and frozen to the marrow.

"Jalousie!" The herald to her heaven bellowed over the grass, the echos driving through the blades. Jalousie lifted her chest in breath and turned her head up towards the figure gazing upon her from a far.

[Evolution X]
The lantern on the far hill was approaching at an unsteady gait; the shout and the way the carrier seemed to slip and stumble at every step but never truly fall told Jalousie that it was Ferrin. The rather clumsy farm boy was one of the few who ever dared to brave the trek over the hills to Jalousie's dwelling; but still it was unusual for Ferrin to be out so far so late.

"Jalousie!" he cried again as he began to last sprint over the flat grass land towards the still woman; she did hope he would be quick the wind had frozen her very bones. As the flickering flame began to show the stocky form of the boy Jalousie noticed he was carrying a bundle of thick clothes under his arm.

It was then, in a moment of desperation, of want to be somewhere, Ferrin lost his footing, the slick leather of his left boot sliding right tripping him to fall on his face. Jalousie moved over swiftly; kneeling next to the fallen simpleton he raised his head smiling with grass sticking to his face. "I brought you some warm leathers and cloths."

"You're silly." She said taking them from him, setting them down to her side. Ferrin sitting up laughed, he used his large learned hands to scratch the back of his haired neck with swollen fingertips. "Thank you Ferrin."

[Evolution X]
Ferrin's familiar smile was not quite the same as usual, usually shining with innocence and warmth it looked as if worry and doubt were tainting the edges and making it lose the calming effect it had on Jalousie.

"Pa said" Ferrin murmered as he bent down to pick up the extinguised lantern and heap of garments "that a fierce wind from the North Lands is coming down; I wanted to make sure you had the right clothes before it started to snow." As if to prove Ferrin's point another gust chilled Jalousie; now each draft almost stung as it hit, as if someone was cracking a whip across Jalousie's body.

She shifted in her movements to quick and ready to flee. "Let's go, I'm not changing out here in the open." Jalousie took the shirt from the pile and tossed it on over her dress. The shirt was a thick cotton died purple, it had come from their sheep, Jalousie's mother had made it before passing several years ago, it was her favorite shirt.

As another blast struck her legs she nearly collapsed. Ferrin grabbed her arm, giving her a crutch to rely upon. Hobbling away they made great time working together, leaving the cliff that looked down upon the kingdom and towards the shelter of the Summer Woods where the house of Jalousie stood in a peaceful tranquility.

[Evolution X]
The house was made out of the very woods themselves so unless you knew where it was it was almost impossible to see; in fact sometimes even the local wildlife found themselves standing inside without realizing they'd entered. Inside the thick trunks of towering ancient pines was a single roomed hut; wood, leaves and stones intertwined to make a protection from the elements, though with the trees protecting against everything but the harshest weather it had never been truly tested.

Ferrin opened the door with a shoulder and small animals of all kinds scattered from the sudden human invasion; Ferrin payed them no attention however and sat the weak legged Jalousie in a soft chair. That chair had been one of the few things she'd taken when she'd left, their mother's favourite seat. Ferrin picked dry bracken, logs and tinder from the hearth, arranging them carefully as he began to light a fire to warm the single room.

"Ferrin, will you take me into town tomorrow. I'd like to get a book." Jalousie said confidently, she smiled in the comfort of the chair and watched as her elder brother backed away from the hearth, the small flames growing and spreading to encompass the stone fireplace. "There's a new theory out that I would like to read on."

"Theory? That rubbish? Fine, if it makes you happy. I swear though," Ferrin said stabbing the fire with a black metal poker, "If you keep reading that junk, sooner or later you'll be the one writing it."

"Like mother." Jalousie reminded him. Their mother, the politician, the author, the philosopher. She was Jalousie's hero and a guiding light in times of despair such as these with war brinking upon the outer edges of the kingdom.

[Evolution X]
Ferrin's troubled brow did not smooth though; if anything the frown grew deeper and he attacked the fire with a little more fever than what was needed. "Yes... like Mother. Don't forget how it ended though, her greatest wish was for peace and happiness for us all; that includes you my fair sister."

Jalousie almost felt like taking that poker and hitting Ferrin across the back of the shins with it, to punish him like their father had done with his shoe when the siblings had done something terrible. Instead her knuckles paled as she gripped onto the chair arms "She would be proud of what I am trying to do, war is approaching on all sides and this new leader has the land in shambles. Someone needs to know when to take control."

"One girl, that's what you are my dear sister. And they, well they are an invading force of thousands, I'd love to see you fight them off." He yelled at her spinning around to look at her pale face. "If you haven't figured out yet Jalousie, you're sickly, you can't go and cause a commotion!"

She stood up and began putting the thicker clothes on. "If you won't accept me, I'll go to the group who does!" She put on a thick pair of pants and finally a cloak about an inch wide. "I'll be back sometime tomorrow, Ferrin. Tell father you couldn't find me."

[Evolution X]
Ferrin reached out and grabbed a handful of the cloak, holding Jalousie in place with a surprisingly strong grip "Jalousie, I am your brother and I will always accept you. I am just worried about your health, I admire how you fight back even though you are so ill. I just don't want to watch from afar as you slowly kill yourself like mother did." Ferrin was pulling at everything he could, trying to not only make her stay still but make her want to stay in the small hut "Sleep tonight Jalousie, Pa's not expecting me back till morning. We can call in on him tomorrow as we get your book if you want." The last sentance was light and cheery, the tone of Ferrin trying in vain to convince Jalousie to come back and see their father; he knew she had not left under the best circumstances.

Jalousie had a tear running down her cheek her head turned, "that doesn't change what's in your heart." His hand slowly released the fabric as she began walking away.

"Jal... Don't!" He bellowed hoping it would do some good but all Ferrin heard was the slamming of the door behind his sister. Jalousie outside in the cold slowly made her way to the city through the gales and harsh temperatures. She was making her way to the Lamenting Stone.

[Evolution X]
As Jalousie trecked along in the ice laced gale a few flakes of white snow drifted down from the heavens, melting the moment they touched the grassy plain. Still it caused Jalousie to tug the leathers she wore closer to her chest; some of the North Land winds brought the worst weather this kingdom had ever seen, and now she was in the middle of no where heading too the city while snow was approaching from behind, breathing down her neck like death itself. No matter how cold her body got though, Jalousie knew there was a fire burning in her heart that would never allow her to turn back to her house now, a fire that would force her tired legs to push away the thick snow as if it was melted by her personal flame.

Her face set in grim determination, Jalousie took long confident strides while she still could; the clouds seemed to each drop an entire snowbank from their infinite depths. Jalousie had to empty her hood twice from the extra weight of snow resting within it and she hadn't even had a glance of the city the Lamenting Stone rested within.

It was when he foot touched the cobblestone she sought some shelter from the buildings near by, hiding herself in their shadows, moving like the wind itself, fast and untouchable, towards the Lamenting Stone at the center of the city. Her feet hit upon the warm cobble stone out of the snow's fury and made it within minutes to the warmth and safety of the Lamenting stone.

The large glowing rock was warm as always, within it's air snow did not fall and the ground was lush with grasses and wildflowers. The beaming of green coming from the rock was strong, piercing through the dark like a beacon of hope. Jalousie fell to her knees, incapable of standing anymore. She realized she wasn't alone then.

It was the baker's son, a young boy of just thirteen who had come out at her sight with a basket of roll, just rewarmed from the hearth. "Mi'lady, here, eat somethin'."

[Evolution X]
Jalousie gripped the warm stone's side, drawing strength from deep within herself to pull her weak form back to its feet. She smiled slightly at the young boy, reaching out carefull and plucking a roll from the basket. She took a bite and felt the warmth spread through her inside, taking a deep breathe of the smell of fresh bread as she stood in the haven of the Lamenting Stone.

"Thank you young man" she said softly once she had almost finished the offering, only a small piece left in her hand "Here... for your trouble." Instead of reaching into her pocket for coin like many would have done, she held her hand out above the floor and sprinkled the last of the roll over the lush green floor. The moment the bread hit the ground shoots began to sprout up; soon several long stalks of wheat was swaying softly where the bread had landed. The Lamenting Stone was one of the few reasons why this Kingdom hadn't submitted to the seige blocking all supplies in.

"Thank you Mi'Lady, we'll have lots of bread to go and fix now." He said quickly and happily." The young man rushed inside the bakery and quickly grabbed a sickle and a basket. "When I'm finished, I'll bring you some more."

"That'd be lovely." Jalousie said, the smile on her face growing. In these times of despair, it was hard for the commoners of the city to find happiness, and few knew how to wish at the Lamenting stone. Sometime, Jalousie felt she was the last one who did. It was not hard, just mean the warmth in your heart and the smile on your lips.

"Jalousie!" a deep raspy voice said behind her. The young woman spun around to see the owner of the pub 'The Grey Mare', a small establishment on the edge of town. His head was bald and his feature neanderthal but the clothes were silk and fine. "There's a meeting in 'the room' you might want to attend. Henry's there."

[Evolution X]
Jalousie sighed and pulled at her thick furs and leathers as she moved towards the pub landlord "Thank you" she said softly before she stepped out of the Lamenting Stone's protecting ring and into the inch thick snow. The moment she set a foot outside the green grass ring the cold hit like a hammer, driving the air from her chest. She lurched from the sudden blow, almost folding in two and making the owner of 'The Grey Mare' start at her sudden movements.

Straightening as if nothing had happened Jalousie clutched the cloth tight against her shivering chest, stalking past the startled owner with her nose held high. The inside of the pub was smokey and crowded; the room Jalousie wanted was behind the counter however, many people considered it the place where they kept the beer barrels but that was beneath the pub itself. Jalousie made her way towards it carefully, moving her small frame slowly between the tables until she ducked behind the bar. She took a deep breath of the acrid air before turning the handle slowly to head inside; Henry was waiting in there, her uncle was inside that room.

A the small wooden door swung wide sharing the room with her she stepped inside and stood up straight. She saw Henry across the room and fell into his arms. "Oh dear Uncle. Everything's falling apart!"

"Sh... It's okay my little Jalousie." Henry wasn't a big man. He was just about Jalousie's height with long perfect blond hair and a fluffy beard. He was strong and had gotten a beer belly over years of meeting in the back of the pub. Henry stroked Jalousie's hair, letting her cry on his shirt. The four other men in the room remained quiet. Unlike Jalousie, these men hid their true intentions while she openly discussed the war and famine. "Are you alright?"

[Evolution X]
Jalousie nodded slowly and wiped her eyes upon a filthy white handkerchief offered to her by her uncle. She almost felt ashamed by her sudden outburst but Henry reminded her so much of her mother; he was almost a second father. A few more tears fell for her mother's memory; no matter how much Jalousie admirred her, it was always a sad moment when she remembered her mother's death.

"I am fine uncle" she said as she stroked down her clothes, pretending to be smoothing them out as she drove the water from her eyes "I have been looking after myself as best as I can; we are in for a harsh winter though, I am hoping the forest will survive." She looked around at the other men in the room to take in their gruff appearances; just like the pub they were sitting in, they looked like they were worn from the stones and trees. These were the sort of men who lived here their entire lives and would rather die than see it conquered.

"The forest always survives, child." Henry said warmly taking back the handkerchief. He made Jalousie sit up properly before he continued. "We've recieved some disturbing news. We may be closer to be conquered then we thought. Jalousie, we're going to need some of that power that you inherited from Aquiline."

"My mother's power?" She asked slowly. "The wish?" Henry nodded grimly. She looked down at her feet, she always did that when she felt nervous.

"It's our only hope now. You have to wish the trees to grow and the sun to come. It's our only chance." Henry said and he rubbed a hard hand against the girl's soft cheek. Looking at him with huge eyes she nodded carefully remembering how weak it made her.

[Evolution X]
The tired faces of the men surrounding them relaxed, all letting out a soothed sigh as she agreed to assist. "Thank you Jalousie" Henry said softly, his warm sun beaten face cracking into a ragged smile "I hoped it would not come to this, since the drain of the wishing put so much of a strain on your mother's heart. Aquiline started too soon after birth, her duty to the country brought her further than anyone thought but she had not had time to recover."

Jalousie looked up at her uncle, a mixture of hope and terror in her eyes "I will do my best uncle Henry... I won't let you down." She began to stand up but her knees were so weak that her heavy leathers pulled her back down to slump on the chair "I must rest for the night... I am sorry" she said as she sat in the wooden chair.

Just as the men began to nod and stand to leave her recouperate the door slammed open, the sudden burst of light shedding a shadow over the group. As everyone's eyes readjusted to the gloom it revealed Ferrin, red in the face, blue in the lips and shaking all over from the ice and anger.

"How dare you burst in here like!" Henry said standing up, he glared over at him with stern eyes. Henry and Ferrin had always been at odds ever since Aquiline died. "I know you were taught better manner then that."

"Jal! come on, were leaving!" Ferrin roared walking over and grabbing her arm. Jalousie let out a small scream and one of the men in the group made a move, hitting Ferrin in the stomach. Henry grabbed the want to be hero and threw him against the wall and pushed Ferrin towards the door.

"Your sister is in no shape to go anywhere for the rest of the night! And you have no right coming in here sans invitation." Henry said upset. "Get you home and stay away from the weary woman who needs her rest!"

[Evolution X]
Ferrin jerked back upright; he looked like he took a swing at Henry but was instead pointing a shaking finger between his uncle's eyes "I'm trying to give her rest! Why are you bothering Jal like this?! The art of the wishing might be forgotten but it's not impossible for you to do it yourself!"

Henry swatted Ferrin's hand away "It would take years for us to learn this way, it's almost natural for Jalousie. We need this now!" Jalousie just looked on at the argument, standing there in shock as she watched the two people she loved most after her mother fought for her. She didn't know who to root for.

Before the fight started the owner of the establishment ordered both of them out, the only one who was allowed to stay was Jalousie. Ferrin took to protesting, hitting and stomping but to no affect. The stern veiw of the keeper was clear. "There'll be no nonsensical fighting here! Go take it to the street!"

"But it may kill her!" Ferrin roared. Jalousie stepped foreword and looked at him, her eyes voice stern, but her face soft and warming. "It is my wish big brother to help my people. If I must die to keep them safe for even one more day... I will gladly give my life."

[Evolution X]
Ferrin practically melted under her gaze, all the fight dissapearing from him; he simply leant forward, embraced her tight and kissed her forehead lightly. "You must not die Jalousie..." he was obviously cut short as the owner of the pub grabbed him and Henry's arms, tugging them unprotestingly from the room. The other men followed with small whispers of "Thank 'ee lass" to Jalousie. This made Jalousie feel as if they were mourning her already, the way that they looked upon her with sad eyes in those old faces.

Sighing she swooped down into a chair, settling herself beside the small fire they had to keep herself warm; though it wasn't just the cold night chilling her bones. What if this truly was the end? One final wish and she'd be dead?

Would she really be able to give everything for her people. She said it, but did she mean it. The words raced and the words of her mother floated back into her memory. 'For my people, for my country, and for my children I will take my own life and disperse it amongst the heavens so peace may rain down from there.'

Her mother did as she promised the next day, would Jalousie do the same. Would she collapse next to the brilliant glow of the stone, watch as the glow turns white and takes the spirit from her as she lay dying on the ground. Nuzzling in the warmth she found a moment's peace; in that peace Jalousie found sleep and dreams of fortune and happiness.

[Evolution X]
As Jalousie found the rest and warmth inside, Ferrin and Henry were busy outside in the snow; knee deep in the seamless blanket of white with nothing but a burning rage to keep them warm. The bar owner was thinking about pushing them further away but they were giving some sort of entertainment to the crowd inside 'The Grey Mare'; sometimes shouts echoed out from the excessively drunk ones, calls of "You tell 'im son!" and "Tha's right!"

Soon even the fiercest flame was extinguished by the bitter cold though; the shutters of the pub closed and the two fuming men were left staring at each other in silent fury. They turned away from each other and walked off to other ends of the town; Henry had a house off by the south side but Ferrin had no idea where he was going. He just needed to stay in town.


Morning rose upon the hills and tree tops around the village before hitting the tallest spire belonging to the church where no one prays. This morning Jalousie had woken early leaving the pub asleep in the dawning sunshine. She rushed through the snows to the hearth of the Lamenting Stone, the grass lush and full. It would seem inviting. She sat down to observe the relentless glow of the stone, it knew the day to come, the wish to be had.

[Evolution X]
With a sudden rip of the morning splendor a mighty snore tore the silence in half; a sleeping figure slumped over from behind the stone, landing sideways on the floor and sending a small bird fluttering away from his hair. It was Ferrin, as still and asleep as the crisp snow surrounding the ring of protection; shoes were covered in faint shoots of grass from the power of the stone seeping through.

Jalousie swept to her feet, walking over to Ferrin and sighing softly to herself. The snoozing farm boy was roughly awoken by Jalousie's sharp kick in the back, making him roll away into the snow and jump from the sudden cold.

Ferrin was about to yell, letting it be known someone had disturbed his slumber when he looked up and saw the perpetrator standing above him with her hands placed smartly on her hips; fingers tapping against the dress in an agitated manner. Sighing Ferrin rose from the lush green of the area, to look over at his lovingly dear sister. Jalousie showed no remorse.

[Evolution X]
"Show me one place that isn't covered in snow within fifty miles" Ferrin said in his own defense, sticking his arms up in the air and waving them at the sight outside the Lamenting Stone's protective field "I'm not welcome in half the homes here anymore since I fought to keep you safe." He stuck his hands in his pockets and huffed deeply "I guess even you aren't grateful for that."

"Ferrin... you stupid bastard! Why'd you sleep outside last night?" She said walking up to him and shoving as hard as she could with one shoulder. She turned to the stone and looked at it. "You know, even if I do die, it wouldn't matter much. I'd die soon anyway."

"Don't say such things. The disease isn't that far along." He said and grabbed her and and began to roll up her sleeve, she forced as hard as she could to keep the sleeve down but he moved it up anyhow to reveal giant blue veins. "Jal... Why didn't you tell me!"

[Evolution X]
"Why do you think?" Jalousie asked furiously, pulling back and knocking down the cloth to hide her arm that was so writhed with blue it looked like marble "You'd... worry."

"Of course I would" Ferrin said, gently taking Jalousie's arm and squeezing it "I care for you Jalousie, I'd do anything to keep you safe; maybe you will die but if I look after you it'll be a longer safety."

Jalousie was moments away from pushing Ferrin out into the snow but she might not be able to do it under her own strength "It'll be a sheltered life where I won't have a single choice of my own; I want to do this Ferrin! I want to die defending this land! I want to die as mother did!"

"Jal..." Ferrin said stopping and shoving his hands into the deep woolen pockets. He was stripped of words and thoughts, a loss of heart and of guts. He simply halted at her wish. "Jal... Why are you being so foolish. Wish yourself better, it's less of a wish then putting off an invasion! You'll live and be healthy again."

"A selfish wish doesn't deserve to be brought before the stone!" She yelled back, the town slowly rising to their argument.

"And wishing so you die isn't selfish!?" He replied back. She stopped, her elegant face stern and angry. She pointed a slender finger out to the snow and waited until he would leave. He didn't. She could only hope Uncle Henry would show up soon.

[Evolution X]
Ferrin made to walk away from her, but a few steps away from the stone he stopped and turned to start pacing in front of Jalousie "Why do you want me to leave Jalousie? Cause you know I'm write? You're a farm girl Jal, mother was brought up to be a politician and a fighter; she wanted us to be happy."

"I will be happy!" Jalousie said furiously "Forget about me! Go back to father and live as a stupid farm boy, learn about dung and hay and never better yourself!"

"STOP IT!" Ferrin yelled, twisting around at once and punching wildly towards the Lamenting Stone in a fit of fury; it was that stupid stone's fault! No one would care about the country if it wasn't for the damn stone! Everyone would just pass by and let them live in peace! His fist hit the stone's warm side. A loud crack split the air. It wasn't bone.

Jalousie almost cried, almost. She became enraged, infuriated at the carelessness of her older brother. "You idiot! You stupid bastard! You cracked our only chance!"

"I am you're brother, worry about me first!" He screamed and the people slowly filled the streets. Jalousie turned around and knelt before the stone and began to pray. She knew history, the stone had even been completely restored from a shard before, surely she could fix it as well. "Don't think about doing what you're about to do! I am your brother!"

"I don't have a brother!" She snapped back. "I am by myself with my uncle! Now, whomever you are get away and leave me alone!" She said and positioned her hands; her right hand on top in a half arc and her left hand on bottom in the half arc. The circle began to warm.

[Evolution X]
Ferrin looked around and the crowding streets, terror filling his eyes but not for his own safety. He stared down at Jalousie; no, she couldn't do that, not now. He dashed forward with surprising speed, pushing Jalousie's weak frame from the stone and onto the ground. He gripped the stone tight in a bear hug, seemingly trying to squeeze it back together.

"I'm sorry!" he yelled as the stone began to glow furiously, the warm glow of the ring almost turned to a heatwave; snow all around began to melt and plants around the base singed as the grass shriveled. Ferrin began to glow a white hot as the rock glowed and the carvings writhed within the rock. Ferrin could wish, he'd always had the knack... but he'd been so scared of what it would do to him.

Suddenly Ferrin felt an icy hot pain on his back and he was down next to Jalousie screaming. The pain engulfed his body. He wished and wished it would go away, but it was far too late for that now. He had used his wish, and now he must suffer for it.

[Evolution X]
Ferrin wished he could writhe on the floor, clawing at himself as the pain engulfed him but he couldn't move. Pain racked his entire being, icey tendrils spreading over his back and freezing him in place; it was biting, clawing, ripping into his flesh!

Jalousie clenched her hands over her mouth, shaking as she saw the petrified pain etched into her brother's face. His eyes were bulging and his jaw set as every muscle seemed to flex under his toned skin "F-ferrin? What did you do you oaf?" She reached out to touch him but a hand wrapped around her thin wrist, Henry standing beside her as he watched Ferrin's twitching form "Don't touch him."


They could do nothing but watch as her brother's body flung desperatly in pain. As her long eyes close, Jalousie began to cry. Her only brother, her only big brother in so much pain. She cried in hopess his screaming would stop, but she found herself in a futile position. Her uncle Henry lowered himself down besides her and pressed a hand on her shoulder. "He did this to himself, Jal. He did this too himself."

For some reason, that wasn't a good enough answer. Even though it was early in the morn, slowly the streets began to fill with on lookers, people terrified for the hunter but could do nothing. Cries came from the crowd of things they should do, all of them unacceptable. Jalousie opened her eyes just in time to catch a child from touching Ferrin. "Don't touch him... If you do, you'll get the sickness."


The pain was unimaginably acute. Every vein in his body was screeching, every nerve overloading with one sense, with one feeling: pure pain. He was rendered blind and deaf from it, physically and psychologically numb, paralyzed. He didn’t even know if he was screaming, if he was crying, as pain filled every single part of who and what he is.

“Kill the boy!” A voice proposed from the crowd. “You’ll be doing us all a favor, him especially!”

[Evolution X]
"No!" came the reply, Henry turning to face the crowd as he tried to ignore the crackles of pure pain happening as Ferrin held the stone still "He broke the stone! He's doing this to try and heal it! If we kill him now, he'll have died for nothing!" He turned back to the trembling form, glowing hot as what used to be hands grabbed hold of the stone still; his hands had never left the iron grip on Jalousie's arm "He chose this..."

Nothing but a pile of flesh and firey pain remained at the base of the stone now, twitching softly as ragged breaths wheezed between shattered gums. An eye, red from burst blood vessels, peered up at Jalousie from the form before it glowed brighter than the snow around them for a long second, then faded to leave nothing but a burn mark and a patch of land barren where it had vacated.

Jalousie was at a loss of understanding. She thought he big brother was there to protect her, lover her even. She thought her job was to love him back, but instead she filled with a numbing cold. Soft silence filled her heart and she stood up ripping her arm from her uncle's tense hands. "He chose this... He chose our deaths... You stupid fool!"

Jalousie began moaping distraught and unaware of her own screams which had taken over in Ferrin's absence.


"He chose my life!" Jalousie shouted, in tears of agony and regret "He just wanted to protect me. He wasn't against any of you, can't you see that? He's my brother...and he's dead." Jalousie let her forehead hit the ground, watering the grass with her tears, reddened, pained. "GIVE ME SOME SPACE! LEEEAAAVE!!!!" She yelled, screamed even, bellowed out her lungs at everyone surrounding her.  

[Evolution X]
As the hand placed itself on her shoulder she lashed back, a scream of rage coming from between her lips before it was seized by her uncle as she was turned to look at the stone, and the burn mark beside it. "See what he has done? He fought so hard to keep you alive Jalousie, fought against this way of doing things... but when the stone cracked, instead of taking his chance to rid you of what is slowly killing you he chose your way, your fight. He healed the stone to let you do what you fought for... but in doing so he killed himself. He did this for you..."

The tears were burning in her eyes like exploding stars, before she had looked upon the stone with love and warmth, as something that would save their people... but now they were no longer their people. They were her people, and the stone had just taken one of her loved ones, as it had taken their mother before...

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