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2011-09-30 11:30:30
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It's only National Novel Writing Month, and it's only 50,000 words.
Most consider a short novel 80,000.
You have to write a little over half of a short novel.
You can do this.
Now breath.
There are several (not against the rules) things you can do to prepare.

Write down your plot, right now.

That's right, write. As long as it's a summary and NOT a part of the official novel.
For this, write five to ten sentences on what you are going to write on.
This is your base plot.
You now have what your 50K is on.
A little more relived?
How about this?

Create your characters.

Yes, main, side, everyone involved.
What are their habits?
What color is their hair if they have any?
Do they like coffee?
Random questions, but the more you develop them and know how they act, the better you'll be able to speak on their behalf's.

Chunk it into chapters.

Then assign each chapter a number of words.
Take a little of your plot and give it a chapter.
Let's say I'm writing a new Alice in Wonderland.
Chapter one: Alice leaves her stubborn mother and falls into a wonderland chest.
Chapter one is 3,500 words.
Does that make it easier?

Get a calendar.

You have to write 1,666 words a day (plus one extra word).
Write down what you should have according to 1,333 a day.
1,666, 3,222, 4,998.
You can write what... Maybe 3-7k in a day? Seems easy right?
Write as much as you can on day one and two.
Seeing that you are a week ahead will take away the stress.

Keep an idea folder.

Think a sentence will be funny?
Get a journal and write it down.
Only the sentence.
Don't link it to anything.
You won't remember why you thought it was funny come November first but you can use it as inspiration.
Draw your character in a situation.
Make a comic.
All will be inspiration come Nov 1.

Still panicking?

We're all with you, and we all panic.
Calm down.
Get some tea.
Welcome to NaNo.

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2011-09-30 [Product of a Primal Urge]: This made me giggle. I will be coming back here this month for a good laugh and a little stress relief as I prep :D

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